Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Story for the Saps.

There was once a boy and a girl , who met under the most ordinary circumstances.
The girl took an instant liking to the boy; something about his voice she said. 
The boy- we'll never know.They developed a regular communication over a short period of 
time that always treaded closely on the borders of both friendship and flirtation, but the 
girl being inexperienced in such matters took it for something entirely different,which it never 
was . Their 'friendship' (for the lack of a better word) was nurtured regularly for many 
months, until it became sporadic due to no particular reason- much to the girl's befuddlement 
and distress. Through the course of time they both became involved in their own separate 
lives and their relationship seemingly came to a halt.
Sometime later, they rekindled their friendship. Awkward at first, over time they developed 
a deep bond, where they entrusted each other with small, but entertaining secrets about 
themselves.  The relationship had become entirely platonic, with semi-regular occurrences
of seemingly innocent flirtation that remained unexplored to a large extent. 
As things progressed, they found themselves enjoying each other's company more and more. 
Flirtatious banter and suggestive remarks became increasingly regular, yet they 
convinced themselves that it was just the nature of their friendship. There was nothing more 
to it.
One fine day, the weight and simmer of everything said and unsaid became too much to bear. 
The tipping point, if you will.They found themselves entering unchartered territory and raring 
to explore. It was perhaps the culmination of everything that had happened since the day they
had met. The unfortunate part of the tale is that this incident transpired under not so
pleasant circumstances that only became more unsatisfactory as time proceeding their tryst
Things were never the same again.
Upon inquiry, the girl mused that it was as if the two of them would visit a house with 
two rooms.They would stay in one, and almost not even acknowledge the presence of the other 
room while knowing all along that it was right there. Eventually they found themselves treading 
closer and closer to the door that connected to the other room , until they had finally entered it one day.
After that, it was just not possible for them to visit the old room without wanting to enter the 
new one again, and that was something they couldn't afford to develop into a habit.
Hence, things were never the same again.
If that was the end, we'll never know.
They both insist that it is.

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