Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thanks a whole lot for absolutely nothing Mayans

Today is the 23rd of December 2012.
Meaning, the 21st of December is over in most/all countries around the globe, and perhaps all the places those Mayans lived, and lo and behold the world is still intact. The human race is still pumping.
The world is still going on.
Day before yesterday, when it was still the 21 of December I kinda knew that nothing is going to happen, but still kinda had a little window open for something out of the ordinary. Something, somehow that we/I could classify as well-yes-the-world-did-kinda-end-that-day. NOTHING OF THE SORT. My friend kept going on and on about how nothing is going to happen, and we are stupid to even think that something might happen- almost challenging the universe to make it end. Me and my sister were inwardly cringing whenever she said that, cos we all know that provoking the great supernatural force has never ended well for anyone. I felt that maybe, to make such naysayers fall flat on their face something will happen.
Fast-forward one entire day and...
Nothing I tell you, nothing. Not even a rain drop of it.
Okay fine.
Perhaps the world needn't end since most people are still pretty psyched about living.
Fine, I will digest that for the happiness and contentment for my fellow human beings. But this was the perfect time for some miracle to happen. The entire world's attention to some degree was diverted to this subject. As absurd as it sounded, as impossible it felt; everyone (by that I mean me) still at the back of their heads thought 'will it or won't it?'. So the world could've remained, but perhaps we could've seen something out-of-this-neighbourhood-cool.
Something small, something big, something magical even. Perhaps it could rain confetti, or fairy dust, or snow cotton candy. All the birds in the entire world could perhaps sing Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol. Or,or, or!... the world could've gone ahead or back in time, and like the entire clock could've been rescheduled. That would be pretty interesting too right? Just imagine!

But nope. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

I feel bad that everyone is calling mayans dirty names, like stupids, idiots, crack...blah blah, yet I kinda wanna go upto one of them and be like, Yo! WTH was that?  Daftness ki bhi hadh hoti hai, how could you be sooooo wrong in the long-term. Short-term stupidity I understand, as I indulge in it from time to time.
But to be so off long-term? And get people to jump aboard with you as well on this?
 That's just not right.
Some of us actually made some preparations for it. I personally made sure that I did everything I wanted to before it was wrap-up time for all of us. I said good-bye to quite a few of my prized possessions, wrote a letter to the next generation who would perhaps inhabit my room, find my laptop, and manage to crack the password,  and  I bade my closet a hearty farewell. Last but not least I had consumed diet coke like there was no tomorrow the day before. But nope. The nothing happening was a big tight slap on my face. I'm ashamed to go in my dressing room, because I can feel my sister's closet laughing at me and my closet for being such wimps. Imagine, I can't even show face to in my own bathroom for fear of being ridiculed and bullied. Things are rarely sadder than that.

Things outside are less scary.
When wandering out of the parameters of my house, I am terribly embarrassed cos I've been disseminating concern regarding this since last year, however its much less brutal than what I have to face a home.

Also, if you are thinking this , then I must dispel your concerns about what kind of TV had I been watching if I believed that it would. No- I have never seen movies like Armageddon and 2012 and what not. Nicolas Cage did not convince me that the world was ending, I just thought if people soooo long before said so, before they could even fathom the meaning of the date they predicted and the world that would exist at that time-  there must be a reason, koi tho baat ho gi.
Now I know, that human reason most often lounges on a two seater made out of human folly.

Thus, after this huge betrayal by the Mayans  I hereby denounce any affiliation to any superstitions I may have ever nurtured based on other people's finite knowledge, except the shoe-travel thing.
This shocking betrayal has taught me that the only truth in anybody's random prediction or prophecy is the fact that they said it. It has also taught me to not seriously believe in the conjectures of people whom I have never met in my life.
I mean i'm questioning my own intelligence here now. But obviously it is much easier to blame someone else than to inner-reflect, so lets just hate the Mayans for now.
Perhaps in a year or two we can look back at me.

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