Saturday, 31 December 2011

Katy and Russell: This Is Just Sad

I don't know about you, but I was terribly disappointed to hear about Katy Perry and Russell Brand's split last night.I had just returned from a wedding.Like genuinely shocked.
Yes, I was getting feelers about it because they spent Christmas apart, and as we know if your not together on Christmas, somethings up...its just one of those things. Its like opting to spend Eid apart from your other half. Or something like that.Better! Its like opting to spend New Year's Eve apart. Anyway, yes, original point being that that was definitely not a good sign, but still I didn't think that doomsday was so near.
Its not like I'm even a fan of either, so I had special interests or anything in their relationship like I do with Leo. But somehow, I remember when they first started getting it going on, I felt that they fit.Really. Like something about them. The physicality, the quirkiness, everything- they just seemed to complement each other. Like they were on the same level, that they got each other.As I said before, they fit.They had a crazy wedding in India, and really seemed into each other.Didn't even have a Pre-nup, cos they didn't think it would ever end. So then what? Russell Brand files for divorce, just after a year of marriage. I swear, you just cant trust this world anymore.
Duniya ka koi bharosa hee naye raha.
This is not a good note to start the new year. Don't know why a stranger's marriage is getting the best of me, but I really feel that they could make it work.They had that thing, that zing, that chemistry.Apparently they had  a huge fight right before Christmas and told each other to duck off and went their own ways. That's okay, fights happen. But you have to try and figure it out na. Apparently Russell Brand's mom tweeted or something just days before saying oh, so excited about spending Christmas together, just spoke to Katy and Russell, they are so happy- or something along those lines.So obviously we know that this is something that they are doing without giving much thought to it. Why? why're they throwing it away, give it a little bit of time. Nothing gets solved overnight. But then again, maybe they want to get a fresh start , with the new year, especially cos it might be the end of the world next year na. So they're probably thinking oh, no regrets, lets live it up, we might not get tomorrow type, don't want to spend next year fighting.
I don't know, I'm just rambling- but this is heartbreaking.
I know, I shouldn't be here writing about it, because becharay they must be going something so awful. And they must hate it. Especially cos I was reading that there were like proper bets going on for their divorce between 2012. How sick na? Imagine you are living in a world where people bet on the fact, and by people I mean strangers, on when you will get a divorce, or when you'll fall out of love. That's just sick. sick , sick ,sick. On top of that you have people like me writing about how they should've tried to make it work, when I know nothing about them, their relationship, or what it was like. Must be hard.I'm terribly ashamed of myself, if its any consolation.I hope it works out for the best for both of them.

Russell more, I feel Katy might have been the instigator.

Friday, 30 December 2011

The Forty Rules Of Love.

I came across this quote from this book I just finished, The Forty Rules of Love- by Elif Shafak and wanted to share it. 
"Yesterday’s victors became today’s losers. Every winner is inclined to think that he will be triumphant forever. Every loser tends to fear that he is going to be beaten forever. But both are wrong for the same reason: everything changes except the face of God"

Thursday, 29 December 2011

So many dilemmas na, I tell you

If you have been wondering why I've been so erratic with my posts since the past 4 days, I can tell you why.
I just can't seem to make this real important decision. See there is a choice between sunglasses or something else with that money. The something else that I have fallen for, head over heels,blindly,madly, are the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. They are just too cool. So all day, I am browsing online for cheaper versions of those, yet I can find none that are as perfect. I have found a few high street ones though that I am leaning towards because before long the excitement will die and I will have spent an awful lot of money on sneakers.
Mind you sneakers, esp wedge sneakers are doing quite well for themselves in the fashion world And I love the look. Well a few looks, and a few styles. There some that are so...I dunno, Queens, that they miss the entire purpose of it.
So how about, I post a few things that I like and you can help me decide make the ultimate choice?
Oh, btw, did I tell you- its not just a wedge. Its HIDDEN wedge.
Also, another reason why this problem has hounded me for this long is because I'm not a very comfortable online shopper. Just too many options to decide, tires your brain out. In real life you can just pick it up and stop looking for similar things, once you have found something you like. Here, you keep looking, maybe something else, maybe cheaper, maybe this, maybe that- and with 8work hours to window shop, you don't end up going for the kill for anything. By 4pm you're positively exhausted.
I know. Zindagi mushkil hai.

So my online shopping choices are:

1) The Originals
The Isabel Marant versions. Just look at them they look so comfortable and so cool. Just imagine with a pair of white jeans, or tights or even a dress. What fun na?? I'm dying to have them- but how? how can I justify such a lavish pair of sneakers. Although tbh, I'll probably wear it more than any other pair of shoes in my life cos theyd be so comfy. And I can imagine making them live for at least five years. Hmmmmm.Lots to think about.

Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant

 2) The Variation
Marc Jacobs sneaker wedge. Waisey, this really isn't in the running tbh, its just that its pretty cool as well- very 90s you know?See! this is how you get distracted.

Marc Jacobs

3)The Knockoffs
These are Ash hidden wedge sneakers. See this one comes pretty close to the originals I wanted above. The price is a third of the Isabel Marant ones, so...yeahhh
Also I like both the colors. Id probably go for the tangerine though, for that added thing, you know? To make them as less sneaker-ish as possible.I think these would be a good option to satisfy my enthusiasm for this trend. Lets not forget, I don't buy sneakers for myself- I get my parents to do that.



4) The J-Lo Version and its brother.

Waisey, these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and the original, Isabel Marant ones are almost the same price. Tbh- I don't know which one I would pick , if I could afford. Like I know I've gone on and on about the originals, but these are quite know. They are just as cool. Not as comfy and low-key looking for sure, but pretty awesome nonetheless.I love, love,love the silver python skin ones. I've always had a thing for metallic python/snake skins. So these are heaven sent in that way. Such a good twist on a sneaker. So urban haina? Imagine you'd feel sooo Jenny from the Block na?
 Even the less blingier one I like. I love Giuseppe. I'd totally be bff with him.

5) The Worth-It's.
Again, Giuseppe Zanotti's, on sale, in my size. Beautiful shoe and as I just mentioned, metallic snake skin. This shoe would do me good. I need a gold shoe tbh, don't have one na, so its real sexy. I mean why not? but then I think its not offering me anything new you know? its possibly the best buy, but how is it something I have to have? Not saying its not gorgeous, but it doesn't bring anything new to the table, that hasn't been seen in more or less similar versions a hundred times.. But I still really do want them. Should I?

No explanations required.I had them, and then I lost them. And I've never liked any sunglasses as such as I liked these.They were so mine, it feels weird to not have them.  Such a short union,we weren't done yet. I should na?

I could always save the money since it is hard-earned.But, the initial search started only to replace the glasses. So, whats it going to be??

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Spring Campaigns 2012

I know, I know- its just started to get real chilly, so its impossible to think about spring and spring fashion. But you know how efficient international fashion is- it runs quite punctually according to its own time line, and according to them, while you are sitting in front of your fire place with a hot cup of tea/cocoa/coffee/ should be thinking what you should be wearing when that hot cup of tea/cocoa/coffee will turn into a cold glass of diet coke/spritzer/cocktail while your sitting by the pool.
Anyway, what the whole purpose of whatever I've said uptil now is that spring campaigns have released, for the SS 2012 collections. I've picked out my favourite ones out of the many,many more.

Dolce and Gabbana

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Donna Karan



Nina Ricci


Shantaram Taught Me More About Life Than Life Did

I can't believe that I haven't brought up this book here since its intrinsically valuable to me in ways I'm not quite sure of myself. But its an experience on its own, and if you have the time, you definitely should read it at least once.And I can find a hundred people to back me up on this.
Not that the book doesn't have its share of haters.Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts has faced a lot of criticism and backlash. Terrible writing, over-romanticization, too pretentious in its emotional content, and highly exaggerated through excessive use of adjectives,these are all complaints and criticisms that I've read/heard multiple times.Well, truthfully I think all those people behind these remarks are drier than Pakistan's dams.
Yes, he does over play, and over feel.I myself remember thinking that.But so what? The story is about an ordinary man, living an extraordinary life in ordinary times. So what if he over-philosophizes? so what if he doesn't go about telling things exactly how they were, but how mystical they seemed to him? I don't understand why people are afraid of life being something beyond the comprehension of their own vision.What is it that scares them? It's a story. Take what you want from it, leave the rest.Bus.So simple.

The thing about Shantaram is that the protagonist lives a superhuman life, without, of course the spandex and the one mortal enemy.In fact the most khoobsurat aspect of the book is that the villain, and the hero are all the same. That's one of the lessons that the book tries to teach us. Within us, we have the potential to be our own hero, our own worst enemy and everything in between. The whole universe resides within us, and we reside in the each and every aspect of the entire universe.Life is just life. It will be good, it will be bad, it will be everything that you wanted and nothing that you needed;its trajectory is not under our control, the only thing that is in your control is how you deal with it. And it precisely that , that  is going to make you who you are;whether you will be the protagonist or the antagonist of your own life is your choice.As human beings we have been given the freedom the make that choice.The book, in fact starts on this exact note:

It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make... And the choice you make, between hating and forgiving,can become the story of your life.

The book is an almost-memoir of the the author's own experiences, a slightly exaggerated and perhaps fictionalized account of his life- but inspired by his own life nonetheless.I mean, there is nothing  crazy that this guy doesn't do, from being an escaped convict, to a slum doctor, to working in Bollywood films, to being involved in the Bombay underworld, and eventually fighting the war in Afghanistan.He did everything, and yes that  could hardly be true.Nobody lives that life.Yet through all those unreal experiences, the character himself, remains undeniably real.He never becomes bigger than his many experiences and more importantly, mistakes, but the pursuit to be better is constant and ongoing. His shortcomings remain a part of him till the very end of the book, and that is the reality of the human condition.The portrayal of the erroneous and imperfect nature of people and the lives they live is so honest,and relatable,that the fictionalization of everything else just doesn't matter. The protagonist, our hero,never becomes a hero in the Disney/movies sense of the word.As he goes through a tumultuous life in the bustling city of Bombay, he gains wisdom that one can never get through advice but only experiences, yet that suffering and knowledge doesn't make him saint-like, or the devil's reincarnation as you would imagine. He remains painstakingly human.Through each trial, he is still the same; older, wiser, better-yes, but still  the same.The core never changes. The ever-present ability to start walking the wrong direction never changes.The protagonist, after having gone though so much, doesn't just stop and resign to a  quiet life in a village because he knows enough (although sometimes you truly wonder why). He still ends up doing things that make you think 'whats wrong with youuu, whyyyyy?', because we can see that it won't end well-just like we can end up doing things that we know won't end well.We all have those moments when we lack the foresight to see the impending doom in the eyes of the future that stares back at us, perhaps because we are lured by the manner with which it stares. The truth is that the emotions that inspire our worst actions never disappear in thin air once lessons have been learnt, they have the uncanny knack of reappearing -which is why we do the things we do, sometimes,again.The inherent affinity of human beings to be self-destructive, masochistic, and almost suicidal in our interpretation of feelings,circumstances and our materialization of those tendencies through questionable behavior and actions are all part of living in this world. The ability to fall and to undergo helplessness in the face of making mistakes is just part of being human, and alive.However,to be a hero, you need to still be able to move past it,hoping to be better all the while never forgetting how fallible human nature is.The constant pursuit of becoming more than everything you have been through is what makes you a hero, no matter how naive the intention- the innocence of that intention rejuvenates you, almost like a re-birth.  Accepting that you'll never be more than what you did, or what has been done to you- is what makes you your own worst enemy.To abandon the pursuit of more, is to stop the process of learning and living.
The characters in the book, in the same way are gray. The circumstances outlining the narrative may be extraordinary, but the characters are people we have met, or known at some point or the other.They are transcendental in their own way, capable of supernatural acts of forgiveness, love, kindness and virtue, yet at the same time they all have their own internal demons, their own insecurities, their own agendas which we can understand to a limited extent, yet can never fully anticipate and experience the storms they cause inside one's soul that propel the characters to do the things that they do.Fantastical, yet disarmingly familiar.

This is has become way longer than I expected, especially since I just wanted to share the Resolution/Complexity that theory one of the character introduces in the book.
Oh well, I guess a quote will have to do.

"I smoked in those days, because like everyone in the world who smokes, I wanted to die at least as much as I wanted to live" 

Friday, 23 December 2011

How Cute!

I've always liked Mark Wahlberg.Well, not always, but since finding out he's behind Entourage, and the show is loosely based on his experience with fame and stardom. Then of course, there was The Departed, and he was spectacular in it.
But he has never been cuter than today.Came across this picture, and its soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. Obviously the daughter plays the bigger part in the cuteness, but still- could'nt help but share.

Awwwww na?

There is an Itch

There is an itch
You don’t know why its there
But its there
You try to not scratch
You’re not supposed to; you shouldn’t
You still do.
You can’t help but
You scratch in the vain hope that you’ll find its root
You know you won’t.
But you don’t stop.
You don’t not
It is an itch after all
Your effort is to scratch the itch out
To plunge its heart out
But an itch is after all an itch
It exists heartless
Its nature is to remind you
In your most vacant moments
That it exists
And perhaps that you exist
Maybe that you exist because it exists
Or it exists because you exist
Oh, the nature of the itch
How does one even begin to diagnose it?
The ever present itch
The one that never changes, but manifests through change itself
Life remains static because the itch never transforms into something new
Everything that is old becomes new, and then old again
But the itch remains
The never changing itch
Always there to mock
Every dream you ever had
Long before the birth of the itch
The itch that never lets you be
Through its presence reminds you of a time
A time when the itch was never there
When freedom was a physical state
When God was the cure
When you weren’t your biggest fear
But there is an itch
At the furthest end of your mind
In the deepest end of your soul
Between the webs of your fingers
Beyond the maze of your beliefs
In the midst of the shallow pool of your conscience
The home of the itch
That exists because you’ve forgotten
How easy it is to deny its existence
Because its existence depends through acknowledgment  
Through your futile efforts to scratch it out
How can you scratch out something that doesn’t exist?
How can you resist not?
It’s the root of restlessness
The seed of nothingness
It is what has brought you to this limbo, where it was born
Where you live
Where you breathe
Where you sleep
How does one go back to denying?
The itch that has come to define
Everything and nothing that you have become
There is an itch
That was never there before
There is an itch
There is an itch

Thursday, 22 December 2011


So, guess what great news I came across today, after mind you, yesterday having my hair dryer crash because of the load shedding/power fluctuation? Guess na.
A colleague at work informed me that our PM, payed Rs 7600 tax for 2011. Yes! can you believe it? Yousaf Raza Gilani , payed 7600 rupees for the ENTIRE year of 2011. Just imagine! I can't. I pay more tax than that!! me! I don't even believe in tax, and still I  pay more tax than him. And he pays 7 thou? he spends more breathing! His wife apparently has a diamond studded Birkin-Not that I'd want that, never, ew, talk about bad taste. But how can this be? Why is this not checked? Why can he get away with paying seven thou tax , when I can't get away with choosing where MY Islam Tax goes, or even If I want to pay Islam Tax. Ugh annoying.Is'nt that between me and God, rather than between me, God and the government?

Tbh, uptil now I reserved all my negativity regarding this country's situation carefully directed towards Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif. Gilani just seemed like a puppet, a non-entity who was somehow caught in the line of fire for reasons even he knew not. What a stupid I am. This was ignorance that only I can be blamed for. Of course not. He seemed sharif sa from the face, but obviously, if life has taught us anything its that the most seedha ones are most usually the biggest miscreants, as this sob has proved to us, and as every politician in this country teaches us everyday, lest we forget this vital piece of information and God Forbid start believing in the inherent good in all people. Because obviously, Pakistan is the devil's playground. Nowhere in the world, I believe can people be swayed so easily by their own selfish, inherently corrupt motives ( myself included) than here. Because here, goodness is all about appearances. Not what you do, but what you appear to do. How else, do we allow PM Gilani to pay Rs seven thou tax for the entire year? Just because he "appears" to have his earnings in agriculture.Everyone knows that's a lie. Its like being good isn't even an option anymore, which sucks, because as fun as bad is, we need something pure, clean and not dirty to go on. It's really disgusting. I hope to God that I never become so morally blind, I really do. Is'nt it so putting off?

I'm trying to think of the worst curse for him, but nothing could be bad enough, and I think why should I? He doesn't even deserve that. Just look at him. Trying to appear all decent, respectable man, when he's as black as the suit he's wearing. And hold, wth is that hand wave? Does he think  Prime Minister is a synonym for the Queen, or Miss Universe? Idiot. So stiff like a statue/ puppet. Omg, I saw this documentary recently about Satan Worshippers getting possessed by the devil himself. He so looks possessed! He acts possessed too.


RZ: Master Stylist, Average Designer-II

RZ in Valentino
So I've talked about Rachel Zoe's fashion line before, so you know I think that although her styling is impeccable and beautifully distinguishable in certain ways, her designs are just okay. In fact, her clothes, individually lack ownership. We can't see it and be like Oh, that's a RZ , the way we can with  a Prabal Gurung, or even a Victoria Beckham .
However, having said this I think her Pre-Fall 2012 is spectacular. Maybe its because Pre-fall collections are waisey bhi the more commercially viable, nd safer collections, so her collection seems more relevant with the major league designers, and some of the looks are just plain gorgeous.Very now. Again, I think it would be such a  great move if she converts her fashion line into a high street label like Zara, or Mango- because the pieces are just so wearable. I know I'd love to get my hands on a few of the pieces, and I know that they'd be millions like me. They're some  things I love, and I know many would detest- but her collections have a mass appeal, they're just so likeable.
Okay, see first, then I'll tell you what my favorite pieces are. BTW, I'm dying to wear those long skirts with thigh high slits. Ever since I was a kid, I've been enamored by fabulous gowns with thigh high slits, but never have gotten the chance to wear them, and just my luck- when I could've found the opportunities, the damn things just weren't in fashion.

Okay so, this is really hard because I thought I'd do a top 5 pieces list, but I like so much stuff. FYI- I'm starved to shop, so of course this is going to be hard. But anyway, lets at least embark on the journey to 5 pieces/looks I must must have.

 1)    The thigh-high slit skirt. I like the entire look, with the blazer etc, but I doubt I'd wear it like that.Dress it down a little bit maybe, make it more approachable. Oh! I know what, a plain white, crew neck, full sleeve tee. Cardinal AC rule, when in doubt, always finish it off with a white tee.

2) Love the entire look. The gloves, the boots everything. I'd probably still not wear it like this, because I'd kinda feel over-styled. But what a nice romantic look na? Looks like it belongs in the desert.Would make a great photograph. Maybe a bike as well?

3) The Jacket. I want it sooo bad. I love the fur over load on the cuffs, its so nice.And it would be such a good everyday. This look is pretty simple, would probably wear just like this- and plain black aviators. The whole thing is practically begging for them.

4)The men's jacket dress. I love pieces that are inspired in some way or the other by menswear, and if they are inspired by Le Smoking- then its a sure fire thing, almost. I like this dress, its a cute sexy number- and I love dinner jacket numbers. I'd totally wear the gloves with this one.

5)The Suit.The tailoring and details look impeccable on her suits.They just fit so well. I love that RZ likes flared  pants, I think they make the whole look so much more polished. Not that the slim pants don't look nice, they really do I love that suit just as much that's why both of them are featured here.I love the burgundy one, its a bit over the top, and I'm sure I'd feel a bit garish in it, but still I think it looks  fabulous. Maybe,one day, when I need to make a really good impression. I love the blue suit as well, it was a tough call between the two, since navy is my weakness, and that look is so sexy. I'd definitely wear that one more, all the while secretly wishing I could wear the burgundy just as easily.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Editorial :Harper's Bazaar Korea

December 2011 issue
Model Candice Swanepoel  
photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
Beautiful Photographs.

Eat Your Heart Out!

If you woke up today with the aim that you will start controlling what you eat  a little bit, or perhaps stop eating all the crap that you do, or that your going to go on a strict detox etc etc....I want you to get up, and get the worst crime to your body and eat it. Whatever it is.
Like today I woke up wanting to have this chocolate biscuit with my chai, so I thought I'd take it to work,  but then thought, spare yourself  and so didn't get it.Should've, because today is a day of celebration.
As far as I can remember, I've been hearing, seeing, told that the skinnier you are the better you look;clothes look better on skinnies. And to a large extent that's true, I mean I've seen it for my own self, so why lie and act like its propaganda. However, there is a faction that believes women look better with some meat on their bones,(and mind you, this faction has staunch supporters as well) but these are mostly guys, and we all know girls dress up for other girls. So we are back to square one.  My personal stance is that while  women look better with meat, clothes look better with bones. Its just a matter of choice which type of girl you'd rather be (and whether you like food)
I'm not saying clothes look fugly on non-skinnies, of course they don't, in fact some pieces look great with curves (bustiers, hello!, pencil-skirts, hello!), but if you do a general statistical analysis, if your skinny, chances are almost anything will look good on you. Whereas if your non skinny, some clothes might look offensive, and you might look ready to pop.
Today, however, is the day of days. I have found the first real evidence, that might prove the claim that even clothes (gasp) might look better on non-skinnies. I feel like a scientist.Yes, yes!  and its not one of those, matter of opinion thingies, this is as in your face it will get. Its obvious where the dress looks better. Okay, lemme show.

 Exhibit A:

You remember this Cushnie et Ochs collection I put up a lil while back? Well one of the dresses from the collection (my favorite dress actually), is featured in the SS 2012 ad campaign as well, and a bones and skin model is featured in the campaign whereas on the runway the model was more curvaceous and filled out. Non-skinny wins obviously, the dress looks so blah on the skinny, kinda like its going to fall off due to lack of support.With the curvy, you can't take your eyes off her, and you'd turn around to watch her go, haina?
Yay! Victory!
So after seeing the campaign, I went down to the coffee shop and got a brownie. I know. Horrifyingly maniacal behavior, and convinced one of my colleagues who had been controlling her diet for the past week to duck it. I showed her the evidence,Exhibit A, proving that skinny women do not look better, and hence she don't need to diet no more. Colleague is now eternally in my debt as I  renewed her self esteem,  which was evident through the multiple thank yous I got for ' giving her confidence back', and best of all, she ate half of my brownie, much to my relief (because I'm not eating the entire thing, that would be blasphemy).

So, if you agree, eat something fun today, and get back to doubting yourself tomorrow.

Friday, 16 December 2011

The Bastard of Istanbul

Have I ever told you about how Istanbul is my favorite city to date?
I know for a fact that I want to live there. I went there quite a few years ago, and it never left me. I loved that it was so many things at the same time. I know, most cities are like that- they are different things to different people, but that's usually with residents. I was a tourist with my parents to Istanbul for like five days, at a time when vacations meant only one thing to me- shopping; yet despite being so one track minded I saw the multi-dimensionality of the city because it was over flowing with it. Since then, it’s just one of those things that I have wanted- to live in Istanbul.
Although this desire has never left me, I was re-reminded of it by this book I'm reading- The Bastard of Istanbul , by Elif Shafak.

If you haven't heard of it, it’s okay neither had I- I just found it in one of my book shelves, while trying to find something, anything new to read. The aim of the author, as far as I have understood is to bring the Turkish and Armenian perspectives regarding their shared history into a dialogue that is mutually __________ (there is a perfect word, and somehow I feel it has to do with Jesus, but I can't remember what it is). 
 So its interesting, and of course, the city seems more charismatic and mysterious than ever, since its obvious that the author is in love with its predictable unpredictability. Istanbul is one of the main protagonists of the book; the novel is pretty much a long love letter to the city in the guise of interlinked stories and pasts of two families of rival backgrounds.
BTW- I had no idea that the Turks and Armenians shared an India/Pakistan type history, did you? 

I liked quite a few passages in the book, but what stuck with me is this line, which I don’t think is an original, because it was introduced in the book as an old saying type- 

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Shit! I was just looking for an image to put with this post, and I haven't finished the novel- I would've today and while looking for the image I accidentally read the blooody secret of the book that hasn't been revealed. Great.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Helmut Lang and Spiders

Helmut Lang
Pre-Fall 2012.
Very grunge,contemporary and eclectic.
I instantly took a liking to the collection, which might not be the be the most glamorous, but is quite charming in a dark, morbid, rainy-day way. Know what I mean? Oh and the coolest part...The idea behind the collection came from spider webs  weaved by spiders on different drugs- like LSD, pot and caffeine. The husband-wife designer duo, Nicole and Michael Colovos ,had a series of images of spider webs weaved by spiders on drugs, and the webs spun by the caffeine spider were the most erratic ones- which then became the starting point of this collection. How cool is that?

Btw, is it me or is this collection very Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?