Monday, 30 April 2012

Congratulations! The World Has Officially Gone Nuts

You know how I've been harping on about the world having lost the plot semi-entirely, and the media and technology being responsible for it. Well, ofcourse we humans are responsible for it ultimately, but media and tech have increased the speed and expanse of it ten-fold. Really. They have.
 The way we think, the way we comprehend words, things, situations, occurrences, social ineractions, personal relationships; every single thing has been programmed in our minds. Every form of communication ( an ad, an article online, fb, blah blah) has certain resonative (I know its not a real word) value that comes back and makes its existence in our minds apparent through one way or the other. The collective cohabitation of these various messages form a mindset which is more or less similar to everyone else's. I don't mean that we have the same opinion about the same things, no- of course not.That's never the point. That's the job of society.
A dialogue is initiated, and a debate ensues . The opinions are not the important part, what's important is that the  subject of discussion remains the same. Thats what we are being essentially driven to by the media(and technology as aide) . We are told what to talk about, what to think about; what is important.So on, so forth.
 I can never meet a girl in this city who will not eventually delve into the topic of her body and weight, and how she is so fat and needs to lose weight. What's worse is guys have kinda jumped on the same band wagon too. So unattractive.
 Its what I hear most of the time and consequentially- its what I think about most of the time.
Do I want to be thinking about it all the time? No
Do I necessarily care to change the way I look? Not really.
But can I help feeling like I should? No.

Now my real topic of discussion is seemingly harmless, and you know what- I'll give it up that it actually might be. But at the same time, the concept is ludicrous.When I  was reading about the thing( which I shall reveal shortly) I managed to retain my 'WTH' face for the entire time. That's how psycho it is (and also because its a very short piece).  I quickly scrolled down to the comments section thinking people must have bashed the hell out of this article and butchered the author since she sounded quite pro the entire thing, and the entire internet community must have unleashed the deadly wrath of the bloody Monday on her and be like wth-has-the-world-come-to, how-ignorant-are-we? But nope, people loved the idea (the few that had commented) . Which effectively rules me out as the odd one out, and hence a weirdo.
That's okay. I really don't mind.
While scouring through the internet as usual looking for interesting stuff, I found this article about new puppy dating sites. What? Am I missing something here? Since when do puppy dating sites exist? and why? and  again...why? whats wrong with people. Why is everyone out to faggify every thing that exists in his universe. The writer, Julie Spira, ends her little piece with the line "Shouldn't our devoted four-legged friends have an opportunity to find love online?"

No your four legged friend should run away from you. 

What does this entail? dates in the park or something like that.
"We buy high-end purses such as the JCLA Boutique's Rescue Mefor our dogs to reside in while driving around town. We schedule neighborhood dog walks, and dress our pets in outfits and booties worth being viewed on Rodeo Drive"

I don't get it if this is for real or like one of those satirical pieces that I''m not getting. Does this not sound weird. Is it not bad enough that we are constantly being bombarded with a thousand insecurities we apparently should be nurturing? do we need our dogs 'attractiveness' or 'popularity' to be one of them too? Do we need to subject our dog's to such b.s? Theyr'e dogs. They are happy in their own life. They find dogs to 'date' very easily. Take them to a doggie park.
Dogs are not half as uptight ,picky and choosy as us, and that's cos they don't have to put with precisely this kinds b.s online. I have the example of Don and Cocoa in front of me; they're a very happy twosome who have recently discovered their genders and are enjoying it quite a bit I hear.Somebody should.

Don and Cocoa: The epitome of doggy happiness.

Will we really not spare anyone? Not even animals?  Really. And its not that I don't think dogs dont deserve the attention. Of course they do, but in a more wholesome way.Play with them. Tickle them. Talk to them.  but don't go all prissy- Mr.Cuddles has gained weight, or he's having a mid-life crisis kinda way.
I read up a bit about it ,and apparently its really bought to find a companion or a mate for your dog, so this really facilitates the process. But then don't say 'dogs looking for love' its just so sad. Leave something pure and untainted. No? Every being doesn't have to be this big ball of feelings , desires and needs and nothing else.I don't know what up with making everyone 'sensitive' and more self-aware. IMO its not alway a great thing to be so 'in touch with your feelings'. In a world where everything is transcendental and fleeting; you have to allow yourself to feel the same way. Can't always classify yourself, put yourself in a box and remain their forever- because you will get bored, and change is the very essence of life. Same goes for your dog. Stop being as arrogant as to decide that their needs mirror yours. Just cos you are looking for love, doesn't mean they are too. What if they just want to play? But no Mr. Cuddles  psycho owner has decided it time  he got himself a gf. And know this the owner of  Mr.Cuddles is just fulfilling his/her own wants/needs. Living vicariously through his/her dog. Next we know they'll be teaching them how to do it ------ -----.


Also,  I'm  wondering what kind of flirting do these 'dogs' partake in on their doggie dating sites? . I can totally imagine these owners interacting with other owners while adopting their dog personas ( cos lets face it, they see their dogs as extended personas of themselves/ or how they would want themselves to be)


Maybe I'm just being too big of a hater, and should be more open to this, or at least accept people who may find these sites helpful  or fulfilling- but, I dunno, I guess I'm just tooo narrow minded for these things. Maybe if they didn't make it sound so emo,and be more like hey looking for a dog for my pup to play with while I tan in the park , and I'd be like haye sweet. But ' four-legged friend looking for love'  just makes it sound WE-IRD.

Here's the article: Puppy Love: New Online Dating Sites for Dogs

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mad Men: Far Away Places Are Often Too Close To Home.

Let me just start with saying that I LOVED THIS WEEK'S EPISODE.
WHAT FUN! and no, I'm not talking about the LSD trip , well not exclusively anyway ; although my interest has been duly piqued.  I just loved it al, I loved the direction, the crisp writing and just how finally, things are beginning to disintegrate and the fun is about to begin.
I thought the narrative technique used by the episode's director was amazing. The one starting scene at the office and the different stories that started from there. The divide between each of the office member's personal and professional life was eloquently shown. A fellow mad men devotee actually pointed this out yesterday to me; how we are so unaware about the actual occurrences and affectations in people's lives. How we only know what we are shown. 'You don't know what their yesterday was', and that's true you don't. That's life for you, and that's Mad Men for you.
The great thing about the plot narration of the episode was how we were able to get really involved in all of the three characters stories. With Peggy especially, if they hadn't shown her day all the way through w perhaps would've not gotten any of it, especially not that debaucherous cinema outing.But since they did, we understood that she has come very close to her breaking point.This was just that. And perhaps that she can make the male species happy  (since her bf and her client seem to be unhappy with her). It starts off with Peggy, then Roger then Mr.D himself. At some point, I remember thinking; oh Don isn't in this episode at all; and somehow that wasn't  extremely distracting. like the story was still gripping enough- which is just another thumbs up for MM given how may viewers just see it for Don. I used to be one of them.. I wonder if still am.
In this episode, the 'far away' places are not so far. Its not the external journey as much as it is the internal journey that the characters have taken and how far they have come, or how in some cases, despite the journey they still find themselves standing at the same point; in a sense. Its about going somewhere and not going anywhere at all-all at the same time. Thinking you've come a long way only to find that you're backat where you started from.

Peggy never takes a trip, in any sense of the word - unlike Roger or Don.Her trip, especially is internal. O.  We,as the viewer see how far she has come, hell, we have witnessed her growth. We have seen how she has been roaming around the office like little-miss-know-it-all, which is a remarkably far from how she started off int he first season. Yet, her battles are the same to a great extent. She is still fighting to be taken seriously as a woman in a man's world.No matter how far she has come, she's still where she started from ; a woman whose only supposed gratification can come from a Man.Her behavior in this episode is remarkably like Don, Well old Don's atleast- yet she his rudely reminded that she can't get away with it. She pitches a (in my opinion brilliant) campaign to Heinz, only to be shot down by a man who does'nt know what he wants, and when she tries to go all Don on his ass, he gives right back to her. In any other show- we could've expected the client to be like, 'Oh, I've never been spoken like this but I'll make an exception because I'm so impressed' .In fact we are set up for that reaction/ When Mr.Heinz say to Ken G 'Can you believe this girl', and Ken - deliberately planted to play us says -umm i dunno, do you?- and so for a sec we think oh, redemption,only to have the client, a moment later, slay Pegs. We are returned to the real world. That kinda stuff only happens on the rest of the TV world, not Mad Men .Its not a show about miracles. It never was.

Jane Sterling was probably hoping for  miracle when she suggests that her and Roger take LSD. She wanted to experience the truth with him. Except, maybe she hoped that truth would be a fantasy that they could perhaps live in.Well, she got her truth, except it was'nt as fanatstical as it was detrimental to her marriage.
I loved the depiction of the trip. Usually we are shown in movies and all weird camera angles and psychedelic shots and just general weirdness. Here, they kept it simple. I loved how Roger, a borderline alcoholic if there ever was- hears symphonies when he unscrews the liquor bottle and how they stop when he screws the cap back on. You get it. For him alcohol is like that. The most amazing scene for me in the entire episode was when Roger and Jane are lying down on the carpet I matching towel wraps and just talking. They have the sanest, most mature, most chill conversation about the reality of their marriage. No accusations, no finger pointing- just plain honest. I loved the exchange. I loved the genuine surprised Roger displayed on finding out she had never cheated on him, and how she mentions 'one kiss' in such a ho-hum way. Towards the end of that scene, Jane says ' you don't like me'- and we as viewers have known that in this season, so his reply is refreshingly honest-' I did, I really did'. No b.s. No lies. Makes me think couples should take LSD together instead of going for couples counseling.On the morning after, Roger is just so happy and liberated. Like the weight of the world has been lifted of his shoulders. Jane doesn't recall the conversation for a sec; until she does; and then that's it. She doesn't fight it. Just one little line which might be relevant for the future - It will be expensive. Jane and Roger's trip might not have been too far away, but it took them somewhere they both didn't expect to be at the end of it. Roger went to that dinner party thinking another night of  mega suckiness, and he came out happier than we have seen him in ages.

Then comes Don's trip. An actual trip. This was so gratifying. I have been waiting for the  petals to wilt off Megs and Don's rosy picture  for a while now. They finally did. I was so happy. Don leaves her at Howard Johnson's. It was just so thrilling to see Old Don return, even if it was just for a little bit. After everything was said and done, he did go back whimpering to Megan; which under other circumstances would've been excruciating, but in this scenario seemed legit. Banta tha. I mean, he LEFT her. That was cold. We did not expect that at all. Aik tho, even Megan plays him really well too na. Well not play, but handles him. She doesn't back down. She is not oooh Don Draper like the rest of the female population. She's like, hey, I'm someone too. The rest of us are willing to burn our own existence and self respect to the ground for him, but I guess after some months of marriage- she's over all that. And that scene with Don kicking down the door. OhMyJesus. Especially after last week's faucet save that he did. That guy is just so manly. In that second I forgot everything. I mean- he's soooo strong.Then the running around in the apartment chasing each other. What a great piece of physical acting. It seemed so real. I remember thinking at that point that if they get it on again on the floor I will blow my brains out. But they didn't. They fell to the floor and cried. Megan cried. And it was such honest crying. As much as I hate her  for being with Don, I really felt what her crying meant. The frustration, the sudden facing of reality that the person who you love, and are making a life with; is capable of doing things you never imagined he would do to you. It kinda tied in with the theme of 'far away places' , because it was if she could'nt believe where she had come, where life had taken her. Things happen to you , you often catch yourself in situations that you would have never imagined for yourself. It wasn't like it was earth shattering, and I-want-a-divorce as I'm making it sound like- but the its was the shattering of ideals, which is always hurtful, now matter how big or small they are.

The end , was just the cherry on top of the Sundae. Don finally gets it from Bert. He's duly reprimanded and told to pull up his socks.I t seems like the end of the happy Don. His marriage is not as great as it once seemed ( it could still bounce back), and work's not happy with him either. Life is on shaky ground again.  Perfect for the return for brooding old Don.

Special mentions:
Both of Jane's outfits. The awesome cutout, bejeweled jumpsuit, the massive earrings and the OTT styling- I loved it, Id wanna be dressed up like that- and that J.Lo-esque night gown. Is it me or did she looked positively angelic after the LSD trip

Don; It's none of your busines
Bert: it IS my business.

Also, interesting how at the start of the episode Peg's bf wishes her a 'shitty" day, and how at the end Roger announces that today is going to be a beautiful day.Nice touch.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Man With The Miniature Orchestra

This week's Mad Men was quite interesting.
Haan, Pete was given quite the limelight- which was surprising, but then again- not really.
See, one of the USP's of the show is that is remarkably life like. Events as shown are nearly not as dramatic as they often our on television, and even when they are there is a little comedy to it, a little randomness as well as a little preparation. We are shown other people in relation to incidents/events taking place, so we can keep them in perspective of everything else that has been going on. They don't end up seeming like SUCH a big deal, which they are/ or aren't depending on how things turn out. For e.g with Pete- we have been seeing this character for a while, and in this season we were introduced to his increasing discontentment with his life.Despite having it all, he feels he has nothing. There is this emptiness which he feels which is very relatable. But that's not it; he is still a jackass, and seemingly wants to be Don - aka, Old Don. The fight that takes place between him and Lane is something we could never have anticipated but we can see why its happening. Pete does deserve to get his ass kicked.

 On an another show, this event could be treated as a major dramatic turn, but not here at MM. Its treated like a random occurrence in a sense. The bystanders of the fight don't try and break the fight, they stand back and watch- out of sheer curosity and perhaps amusement. Joan and Peggy listen to it quietly in the next office. Something which would have been used as a narrative tool  to completely dissolve the entire dynamics of the office and create a major divide between the colleagues( if on another show) will pretty much just end up being another one of the random things that have happened in that office. Its very much possible that we don't even hear about this incident for some time.
Major events become random isolated occurences that tie in in the larger picture, not on a small scale.
Take Ken Cosgrove's writing for example. We were told early on in the series that he is interested in writing stories,and that whole Atlantic episode (season 1?). When Ken's writing was brought up again in season 5 , it was like 'ohhyeaaah ! he used to do that na'.In all this time, this aspect of Ken's life hasn't been brought up, but what MM does really well is deal with every little thing at its own time. When it is required.

Speaking of Ken Cosgrove, wow. The story he was shown writing in the last scene- 'The Man With the Miniature Orchestra' was unbelievably poignant. The direction was fabulous, the cinematography ,the writing, the background score, all the different elements merged so seamlessly into each other to become one. You really felt Pete's emptiness. I felt his pain tbh. I actually got a little depressed after it. Especially since it is followed by the last line of the episode when Pete whimpers 'I have nothing, Don',and that beautiful music.

”There were phrases of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that still made Coe cry. He always thought it had to do with the circumstances of the composition itself. He imagined Beethoven, deaf and soul sick, his heart broken, scribbling furiously while Death stood in the doorway, clipping his nails. Still, Coe thought, it might’ve been living in the country that was making him cry. It was killing him with its silence and loneliness, making everything ordinary too beautiful to bear.”


How amazing is that? I've actually developed a crush on Ken Cosgrove because of it. I know, I know, he didn't write it- but even his recitation of it was beautiful and it has won me over. Especially they way he says 'They were phrases' at the start of the story and 'ordinary' towards the end.

Okay enough.

Lets hope we see Betty next week, I really wonder if she's become thinner.

If you're looking for a new pair of shades

I don't think I've ever mentioned sunglasses in my blog, or had a separate post for them atleast. Yes ofcourse, I mentioned my Veruschkas/ICBFYIPs, but obviously they would be mentioned, they are part owners of this blog.

So since summers are well on their way, and if you live anywhere close by to where I live, summers have already arrived and leaving the house without your shades is just not possible. Sitting in the front seat (of a car) without them is like third degree self abuse; if such a thing does exist.The sun is way too strong for naked eye viewing you know. Plus, shades provide the perfect social armor, so walking out of the house without them is suicide in every way.
Anyway, I know I cannot get a new pair of shades since I bought two pairs of the same one last year, and I am unbelievably loyal to them and they have answered all my sunglasses prayers, and they fulfill all my needs on every level. However, if I were to ever wander - I would pick the A Morir floral ceramic sunglasses.
As we know florals and pastels are a huge trend for the summers.If you don't want to look like a garden, and would like to downplay the whole thing and just have one accessory (such a cute one at that) dedicated for the trend, then these shades are the answer.Ofocurse, you could pick a shoe or a bag too, but these are way cooler.  At the same time, if you want to go completely over the top, then again these shades are the answer. Floral pants, with contrasting floral top, and then these sunglasses to cap it all off and push it over the edge. Could be amusing.

  I just think they're really cute, very different from anything you will ever see on anyone (on a random day to day basis) ,and I can assure you that you'll probably be the only owner of these in this city. I'd jump if  I could. The flowers are made out of ceramic, and as seen- they are also available in black. The Phillips (half covered) retail at $250 at the a-morir site, and the Cass (fully covered) retail at $400. My first choice would be the Cass in the pastels; they're just so pretty.

In a perfect world I'd wear them on a saturday , while walking to a fabulous terrasse lunch place like this:

Dress:Zara , Sandals: Zara , Necklace: Dannijo , Wristlet: Olympia le Tan

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lessons learnt from PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012

 So as you may already know the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week took place last weekend + 1 weekday.
First I'd like to pick a bone with the creators for the lengthy name. What were you thinking? its so confusing. What acronym am I supposed to use? PFDCSFW? Really? that's like a legit computer password in its own right. Really. I've been putting off writing this post since yesterday because I did not want to partake in acronym atrocity. So henceforth in this post I shall refer to it as FW, for fashion week.

Secondly, I'd like to clear that I did not see all the shows,and haven't been able to see the collections online for a few designers so I probably won't mention them here, since I haven't seen them to comment on them.Does not mean they do not exist or are not worth mentioning.

Okay, enough whining. Since I haven't seen all the collections I thought I'd just do an overview of the wisdom that this fashion week has imparted, and some of the conclusions I have reached after viewing.

1) Hurrah for Palazzos.
   Yes, finally, the churidaar and lyrca/spandex tights are being given a much needed break. Yes ladies, time to get out of your comfort zone. No more kurta and tights,well actually, thats not true; you can still get away with it, and I don't want to be hating on what has clearly been the most loved trend in Pakistani fashion since my birth, but as we all know what goes up must come down. I am personally relieved, No more balancing way too early in the morning on one leg while trying to scrunch up the churidaar on the other. No more consequential losing your balance, hurting yourself, and having a swear word be the your first utterance of the day. Almost every designer showing at FW showed some version of the Palazzo. My favorites were the gold sequins one from Elan and the patchwork ones from Sania Maskatiya.

Sania Maskatiya

Akif Mehmood

Mohsin Ali

2)You don't need to go great lengths for fashion, short is back.
    After an eternity of long kameezes, and tentlike tops, this summer announces the return of the short tunic/kameez. Yes the long ones still made mandatory appearances at FW, but they are much more streamlined  as shown by Somal Halepoto which I really liked. What do I think about the short ones? I like em. Don't loooooove em, but with Palazzo pants they look positively hippie-ish and I love feeling like that. The ones to fall for are the one short from the saamnay and long from the back. That's just double the fun love.
Sania Maskatiya

Somal Halepoto

Fnk Asia

3) Yes, you can do the shalwar too.
    Ease in the shalwar in our wardrobe, it's a welcome change and you know what? they feel great. Its great to have air circulation in legs again.


4) Kitsch/Dadaism inspired montage motifs/embellishments/patterns.
    Ali Xeeshan, Mohsin Ali, Hamad Ur Rehman and Karma  all had some really loud and colorful montagey motifs/patterns/embellishments going on. Different fabrics juxtaposed against contrasting textures. Over the top mix of colors. Subtlety be damned, bold and brash is the name of the game.
Mohsin Ali

Ali Xeeshan

Hamad ur Rehman

5)It seems like its going to be a while before we see anything that's not loose and flowy.
   Thank God volume is being given a rest, but the general cut is still loose and flowy. Don't get me wrong, I love that, but sometimes its nice to be in something that is more form fitted, a little more figure enhancing.Most of the collections shown at the FW can be described in one word: Fun. Fun is great, but sometimes you just want sexy. The best piece in that regard was Elan's final number worn by Fayezah Ansari. It fit her like a glove and that was a welcome change.
Other than if you're looking for sexy you shall have to make do with  off-shoulder tunic or a one shouldered flowy thingie.

6)Prints! Paints! Prints!
   Prints were a big trend in the international forum for spring/summer 2012, especially florals.Zara Shahjehan  and  Kamiar Rokni both embraced the floral garden variety of prints while the rest went a little more arty which was lovely.
Maskatiya  showed a great collection of embellishment free fabrics which let the prints do the talking. Similarly, Sadaf Malaterre created designs with Anjum Alix Noon's hand painted fabrics- with hands and eyes as key motifs. It was such a delight to see these, I'm a big, big supporter of fashion collaborating with art, and since art is timeless, these clothes seemed timeless as well. My favorite, which I cannot get a picture of was the sari by Sadaf Malaterre and Anjum Alix Noon. I've only seen one look of Kamiar Rokni's collection, and it was largely print based. Will post more when I see more.


Sania Maskatiya
Sadaf Malaterre and Anjum Alix Noon.

Zara Shahjehan

7) Colour blocking is only going to turn around and kick us in the stomach.
    Don't get me wrong, hey, I'm on your side. I like color blocking, I think it looks really cool for sure, however, I think its going to be the new long length. Colour blocking came out internationally a few seasons ago, so we've already had some exposure to it, and I personally think over exposure leads to annoyance. I'm afraid with colour blocking we might see this happen. Already we saw it in every collection on the ramp, and my saturation point is near in sight. What does that mean? enjoy it for now, everyone did a great job with it- then dump it.

Sania Maskatiya

Somal Halepoto
Ali Xeeshan


8) Muse knows whats going on.
   Interestingly, Muse which has been doing color blocking for the past two seasons refrained from doing it this time to a great extent.Instead, it chose powder blue as one of the primary shades for its collection. As we know, internationally, pastel colors are very now- which means, Muse does a great job of keeping up with international trends.I don't think I saw anybody do pastel this FW, most flocked towards neonsw hich are great, hip, and my personal favourties but lets face it a little last before last season.

9)Look out for Mohsin Ali.
He's got great compositional skills. He mixes kitsch with formal wear very well. He brings something very different to the table, which everyone might not like, but he isn't afraid to experiment and that means alot to me.

Mohsin Ali

10) Jumpsuits won't just let go.
     Infact, its almost like a trend which has now become a classic.I got my first jumpsuit about 4 years ago. Which means I've had 4 years to get over it. Yet each time a fashion week rolls around I see jumpsuits in abundance which makes me question my sanity. Just when I thought it was gone, gone with the wind, and I was about to shout 'Good Riddance !' one of the Bridesmaids actresses (Rose Bryne?) wore it to the Oscars(?) and worked it really well. So yes, jumpsuits are still happening people.Enjoy, if you must.

Somal Halepoto
Sania Maskatiya


11. I'm sick of baroque inspired motifs.
Let's look else where. Ethinc motifs are looking great these days, and well so is China, which brings me to my next point...

Mohsin Ali

 12. ELAN!
      I loved everything I saw. Mind you, I saw all the clothes upclose and personal on a rack, not on the ramp and they were perfection. I gushed and gasped at every piece. I wanted to faint out of sheer respect, but then realized the personnel in charge of the clothes may not like that. There is nothing I wouldn't wear in it. Lots of designers get away with clothes on the ramp they would never be able to get away with in real life due to the distance and drama the ramp provides. But her clothes spoke to me on a  sad hanger on a sad rack in a sad stall. The crafsmanship and execution was exquisite. I was having a party all by myself, and it was better than most I have attended in the last few months.The purple, gold, and white pants reminded me  of Prabal Gurung's spring/summer 2012 collection in a good way, not in a copycat way. They were flawless. They were breathtaking. They were almost about to come to life.  You can argue that the collection lacked cohesiveness and the only unifying element in the entire collection seemed to be the sequined patterns- in response I'd say shut up and learn to recognize a good thing when you see it.

13. Sequins.
      Its seems like diamante, zardosi and all traditional 'kaam' is outtie and sequins are in! Muse, Elan, Karma , Tazeen Hassan- everyone flocked to sequins this time around. Lets keep that in mind for shaadi season.So glam.

Tazeen Hassan

14. I saw a bit of Dolce Gabbana Fall'12 in Nickie Nina and Akif Mehood's collections.
Not pointing any fingers, just saying. Although, tbh when I first saw DG fall'12 I thought the gold embellishment looked very traditionl/desi/Sabyasachi so.... I guess I'm not really making any point. See for yourself. Oh, also, Nickie Nina's stall was the best! They had actually spent a little time thinking about it, which is more than anything I can say for everyone else.They had a desk with a magnifying glass and similar elements placed on the desk, which went along really well with the theme of the collection. Put a smile on my face.

Akif Mehmood:

Nickie Nina

Dolce Gabanna'12:

15. I didn't really get Ammar Belal's collection which is fine because I never do.
I mean I really appreciate the creative concepts and execution of his collections. He gives the idea a 100% and really goes after it, which is remarkable but then I look at his stuff, and I don't know what to do with it. His youth based collection must have been a breath of fresh air for all those seeing it after seeing a repetition of essentially the same trends, but again- what do I do with it? I loved the matching sport inspired outfits, even if my mind went immediately to one of Victoria Beckham's collection (the one with the sport inspired dresses). But the real show started when the designer and Amna Haq wore matching outfits from the collection for day 4 of the fashion week. What fun!

16.Sania Maskatiya is my new BFF.
I loved everything she showed. Her design aesthetic speaks to my heart and eyes. It gets me. It gets everyday me.

17.Karma tries very hard.

18.Ali Xeeshan knows how to get the crowd going.
Bijlee giri and his video were just so much fun

So yeah, those were my impressions of the FW. It clearly doesn't cover everything and everyone, but that's never the point. Also, the organization for the entire thing was great! The stalls with the collections, lawns, and Cosa cafe were a great idea. Given that these events are hardly ever punctual, the outside area was a great way to kill time. The only thing that ruined it for me were the students from the fashion school who were supposed to usher the guest but were a nuisance in total instead because they  would constantly move and talk during the show, which is a buzzkill if you happen to be sitting behind them. Second, people should stop bringing little kids, or the organization should ban them, because fashion weeks are not family events, they are serious business. Would you take your 2 year old to a meeting? No na. So don't bring him to the show. And this is coming from me, the baby whisperer. I love kids, still i'm saying it. Do you really want strangers giving your kids bad looks? No na? then stop it.