Monday, 31 October 2011

I feel like...

I really feel like getting dressed up.And proper dressed up for a great night.
I'd wear this from my imaginary wardrobe if I could.
 I love the color, the cutout and the slit.
Would look so nice na?  Would be such a fun wear. I'd go for sparklier/metallic shoes though.Sans belt probably.

The dress is Gucci, speaking of Gucci you know the Creative Director of Gucci , Frida Giannini is dating the CEO of Gucci, Patrizio di Marc. How cool na? I wonder how that works.


Yesterday, while playing cards a friend of mine shared a very interesting theory:
At a given point in time you could either be lucky in cards or lucky in love. Never both at the same time.

Of course, there is no empirical data supporting this theory, but I loved it anyway. I think I'm going to start believing it. If anyone has a story proving this theory to be true please do share.

You have arrived , Mr. PM

  Of course this is about Imran Khan. For the first time, in a very long time I actually felt that I missed out on something by not attending the rally yesterday. Yes, I probably got to hear the speech better sitting at home  in front of the television. But wow, I missed out on the energy, the buzz, and the excitement that was in the air. It is absolutely beautiful to experience such times when you see the nation really come together for a cause. When people from different social and economic strata unify as one. The last time that happened was the World Cup-the India vs Pak match. Yesterday it was for Imran Khan.

 The hype for the rally had been building up slowly over the past week/ ten days.  And I'm not just talking about the streamers, and the banners lined along the roads. It was something greater, and far better- what marketing execs yearn for when promoting any brand ; conversation. I personally witnessed it. Whether I was at work, the gym, home or at a friends- people were talking about it. This might not be that great an achievement, considering that politics is a big part of this country's conversation. You just need to go through our three hundred news channels and 4 million political talk shows and that obnoxious woman being payed in gold for laughing in that annoying way that she does on Hasb-e-haal  to know that. But what was different this time simply,  is that the conversation was positive. Most drawing room discussions about politics ( our 4 million talk shows included) are full of criticism, cynicism and frankly speaking, bitching. 'Hopeless' is a word , that has been used far too much for this country and its politicians. The conversation surrounding this rally was hopeful, positive and passionate-and I think that is a great achievement in itself.
Just the sheer amount of people that showed up in support of Imran Khan, and in a sense- a better Pakistan was historic. Its hard to get people off of their asses for politics in this country, but Imran Khan was more than successful in that regard.Interestingly a lot of these people were not strangers with no names , but people I know. People who have never been interested in politics before other than -again- the usual criticism , yet on this day they decided be a part of the change.They wanted to be a part of the change. Just the fact that Imran Khan is able to get people , especially the youth off their asses is a big, big deal. But to also make them believe, genuinely, in the heart of their hearts that their actions will amount to something that is bigger than themselves , or anything they have ever been a part of is just plain magical. Its hard to not be reminded of Obama and his 'change', back in 2008. Kinda feels like a political Deja-Vu. Both good looking, young, leaders - mobilizing the youth of the nation on the premises of a better tomorrow. You know what I mean?

So coming to the speech. First things first. He is just too darn cute. You know back , again in 2008- when Hillary Clinton was a democratic hopeful for the presidential election... I thought that if she becomes president of the United States, Imran Khan should definitely become our PM. She wouldn't be able to refuse him anything.No woman in the world would. Maybe Michelle Bachmann should be elected president in 2012 for the same reason. We'd have a much better negotiating position you know? Or Sarah Palin. She seems easy.
Secondly, I really liked the Lazy Lahoris bit. It was a nice touch. Felt like he was talking to me directly. Felt strangely embarrassed.

The speech had some great moments, I loved his little jabs at the Sharif borthers- they deserve it.He managed to keep the speech very relevant. He didn't ramble on- or unnecessarily try to manipulate people's emotions. He stuck to the facts, yes a little drama was added- but in order to be a good orator you need to be a good performer. He spoke about key issues, showed where he stood on them. You know while listening to the speech, I really wished that in Pakistan we had presidential debates like the US; I think its a great exercise-you really find out where the candidates stand. But again, whose to say that the stands polticians will take wont change when they are successfully elected. As we have seen numerous times, there is nothing holding a politician to his word after he has been elected. Which brings me to my next great thing about Imran Khan- he has taken specific stands which he is strongly sticking to.Back in 2009,  Khan wrote an open letter to Obama, after he was elected. The issues mentioned in the letter are the same that Khan fights for today. In fact, I really like his stand on the United States. What he is saying is true. This country is paying for someone else's battle with its own blood. Yes, the United States is a bully, one that you can't really refuse- but it needs to be told/ and taught that their operations haven't made the world a safer place. In fact its become a more dangerous place due to their aggression. We have tried the American way- and we are the ones paying for its failure. What Khan suggests is something far more simpler and infinitely more logical- a dialogue with the so-called 'insurgents'. Try and meet them half way. Stop this madness.If the American way hasn't worked in ten years, its not going to start now. You don't need to be a politician to see that.Oh, oh also, I thoroughly enjoyed the somber background music that started playing when Khan started talking about terrorism,drone attacks and their victims. If it was anyone else I would've thought 'cheap tactic', but because it was him I loved that he did it.Well played. Looks like he's really getting  a hang of the game.While hearing the speech with the music- I was kinda moved. And that's just what it is all about.The right emotions at the right time.

The other interesting thing in yesterday's speech was the call for a 'civil disobedience' movement if the the high ranking politicians etc did not declare their assets in a few months time. I liked that he kept the deadline deliberately vague. Not following through a deadline is very discouraging for supporters and Imran Khan can't afford to lose momentum. So his solution for corruption: declaration of assets- seems like a very simple solution. Far too simple. Some might even view it as too 'idealistic'.  I know when I first heard it, I thought 'really? that's it?' But then I remembered what I had recently come across in this book I just finished. The law of parsimony,- which is a sort of theory suggesting that  the simplest solution is usually the correct one. I know- long shot.No connection whatsoever. But it really made me think. The only reason I can't accept a simple solution for corruption is because I believe that corruption itself is a complex problem. But is the actual problem/ act complex or does the complexity lie in the web like network it has weaved in bureaucratic/ government institutions.? Corruption itself - is just the illegal acquisition of funds.Nothing complicated about that. So why can't the solution be simple as well you know? The declaration of assets is just starting point, the tip of the iceberg- I doubt its supposed to encompass everything. But, its a start and I think its a great start. Think about it,how can we know how much somebody has cheated the country out of, if we don't know how much they had in the first place ?
Lastly, I'm glad he brought up Baluchistan, and he intends to treat Baluchistan as a part of this country, which its is- not a colony, which we treat it as. I thought that was a great mention. We're going to make another Bangladesh out of Baluchistan if things keep going this way, and we simply cannot afford that anymore.

Okay I'm going to stop now because this post has already become much longer than I initially wanted it to be. But oh well. Here's to a  great yesterday and hoping that this just the start of it all.
I don't know If I believe that we are heading towards a change, but I sure as hell believe in Imran Khan.
Him I'll follow anywhere.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Jimmy Choo
  While browsing net-a-porter the other day for shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the first say five or six shoes I really liked were Jimmy Choos. That came as quite a shock.Its a great brand, obv ,but somehow I never find its shoes attracting me more than other brands, you know what I mean? I always like something else more. Choo has great classics, like its peep toes and the strappy metallic sandals but lately I find their collections to be nothing special .Although the brand runs in the same league as Blahnik, Louboutin and Zanotti, I find its usually at the bottom of that list for me. Perhaps that Ugg boots collaboration has something to do with it.
So I thought that as my way of showing appreciation for the great current collection,  I'd showcase them separately from the other shoes I liked on the site. You know ,as a thumbs-up.

 I love the blue feather ones, but the nude crystal ones are a must have. They'd look gorgeous.

Tasteless Burger King

 This Burger King ad is about two years old, so I know I'm late on this, but to this day I find it hard to believe that they actually ran this. Its pretty crass. I get that their trying to be cheeky, but it just doesn't come out that way since its so blatant. Nothing's left to the imagination. You have to leave something to the imagination to be successfully cheeky,  haina? In addition the copy is not exactly subtle.If there were any doubts in your head about what this ad is referring to, the copy does its part well in quelling them.

Here's what the text reads: Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. Yearn for more after you taste the mind-blowing burger that comes with a single beef patty, topped with American cheese, crispy onions and the A1 Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce.

Can you believe it? I can't.

 After seeing this, I think the campaign below that BK did back in 2007 was quiet tastefully done, and showed a lot of restraint.In a good way.They're cheeky, but not in an in-your-face vulgar way. Not rude, not crass. Don't make you look away. Make you smirk a little bit. Catches you off-guard that its BK but you get where they are coming from.And, most importantly,  they don't mess with your food.

Right? so much more subtle in comparison. And I quiet like the grungy, black and white photocopier look.
The agency is Bleublancrouge in Montreal.Although I don't quite get why fast food needs to go down this route- but I get that they're  trying to target a specific audience. And if you've ever gone to a BK past 3am -you know exactly who that audience is, and how weirdly spot on the second ad is.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lack of manners

 So the Sharif brothers are having a rally today because they figured it would be a nice way to kill time. And according to weather forecasts, 28 October looked like a good day to be out in the sun. They also thought they'd meet with potential voters and see if they can rob them off of anything else. Weekends aside.
I previously mentioned  my beef with Shahbaz Sharif, and it seems that I still haven't let go. The rally posters are lined up outside my house, and every time I look at them I think, "How impolite". It seems that nobody told our politicians about how incredibly disrespectful it is to point fingers at someone.I understand that's mainly what our politics consists of, but come on, get your act together, atleast pretend to be a have some common decency. I understand that pointing may be a natural gesture when making  meth-fueled speeches but if your going to use those images on your rally streamers...I'd say you could have avoided that. Its not a moving/passionate image - if that is what you were mislead to believe by your media campaign advisers. Its accusatory. Its like your accusing the masses for being the ass that you are.
I know I'm justly biased, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that the image used is disturbing.
Nawaz's streamer still doesn't bother me so much probably because
a) he didn't throw an ego tantrum which resulted in me not getting my weekend back. (he probably had a hand in it, but you know the old rule of 'shooting the messenger').
b)He reminds me of a potato. Always has. Since I was kid. I mean that in the best way possible.

SS should take a note out of Imran Khan's book.Have you seen his streamers? learn something from the man. So dignified.So strong. So resilient.

Shoe philosophy

 I'm sure you've heard that saying? "before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes?"
It really knows what he's talking about. It has a lot of moral implications. Thankfully, I'm not going to write about those. I'm just going to concentrate on the 'shoes' part.
Why bring up the quote at all? Because if you subvert the message enough, it conveys the exact same thing that I want to write about. Yes, in the quote's case the 'shoes' are meant to personify much more than just shoes. They represent the notion of living someone else's life, being inside someone else's head. Dealing with their personal dilemmas, challenges and their unique perception. What I want to say is, shoes can play a big part in shaping our own personal dilemmas, challenges and unique perception. You probably have decided by now that I am bullshitting like there is no tomorrow. I am trying to find  links where there aren't. You could be right. Probably are. But, is it me or does wearing different styles of shoes completely change your persona? Not how someone else sees it, but how see yourself? I find it to be astonishingly accurate in my own case.The way I feel in sky high stilettos is completely different to how I feel in sneakers. The change in attitude might not be detectable by others, but I can certainly sense it. And I have a friend who completely agrees. So if two people can feel this way, there are probably others who feel the same way too?.That brings me to the next part of my discussion. Feelings typically shape and influence our actions. Consciously or subconsciously, the way we feel is reflected through our actions.I genuinely believe that on most days, my actions are entirely dependent on the shoes I'm wearing because they strongly influence the way that I'm feeling. For example, the days when I'm wearing my court shoes with the gold heel, I feel very in control, put together and smart with a twist. Since I feel that way in the courties, I kinda act that way too. You could argue that possibly those characteristics could define my personality in my  general-non courties wearing life too. Again-could be true. I'm not claiming that this is the absolute truth. But how do you explain the way I'm feeling today? Today I feel very funksoulbrothercheckitoutnow, because I'm wearing these heavy black army boots.I'm acting that way too. Ask my colleagues, we were just in a meeting. I talked to the client as though we were bros. That ' bro' was a 57 year-old nitpicker. I rarely treat 57-yr olds that way.
Dolce and Gabbana
Which brings my discussion to a startling discovery. If our actions are based on the shoes we wear, and our actions shape our future (to some extent), then our future is sorta, kinda dependent on our shoes?

Does that mean that instead of investing heavily in our future , we should be investing heavily in shoes?

For those of you who think that I have lost it, just think about how you feel in flip-flops, and how they affect your actions.Tell me if you change your mind.

For those of you who think I might be onto something here,Net-A-Porter has a great collection.

Here are some of my picks:
,Miu Miu,
Pierre Hardy

Alexander McQueen

Philip Lim

Burberry Prosum
Charlotte Olympia

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Life without Don Draper

Its that time again!!! I miss Don. I can't believe the stunt Matt Weiner pulled. You guys realize its been a whole year since Mad Men last aired. I hate contract negotiations related stalling.I understood till about a month ago that it was necessary, but now it's just frustrating.
5 more months to go.

One of my favourite lines, Don says it to Peggy.
This never happened. It will shock you, how much it  never happened.
 I remember when I first heard it,  it really spoke to me. And its the one I always come back to.

Au Pain Dore

 I'm hungry.
Since I can't do anything about it because lunch isn't for another two hours- I'm just going to write about food to stave off my hunger. I know, that doesn't work and talking about food usually makes people more hungry- but somehow it makes me me feel more satiated. Weird I know. Its like I get full off of my food memories.

I love, love good bread, and cheese. I know,  I'm walking on the road to obesity (God forbid) - but I could live on that stuff. Bread, cheese and olives. I remember Provigo used to have the best white bread loaf- hard, crusty exterior, but soooooo soft from the inside. I'd ending up digging a well out of it.Really. I believe I got a lot of people hooked on just plain bread with nothing. Its through this great love I have for  bread that I found a home in Au Pain Dore and  discovered Choco-Amandes.

Au Pain Dore is a boulangerie chain and one of Canada's greatest treasures.No kidding. Although its not available all over Canada, just Montreal and the greater Quebec region, I still think its one of Canada's greatest national assets. Like if it were up to me, I'd put the logo on a coin or the flip side of the flag.
It specializes in the art of french bread making and has hands down the best variety of breads. The greatest thing about them is that they try different techniques, different ingredients and combinations for their breads. Like sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and green olives focaccia in a cinnamon bun  shaped roll. Its fantastic, and oh the smell when you enter the shop. So good.So warm. So friendly. The olive focaccia would literally melt in your mouth. I don't think I've ever experienced a bread so rich in flavors. To be honest, that wasn't really  a bread. You could very easily heat it up and have it for dinner. Just that. Just look at it.

Looks great na? One day, while waiting to pay for my little piece of heaven , I tried what seemed like a croissant-ish thing on their tester plate. Tasted good.Took another little sliver. Tasted real, real good. I asked the salesgirl to give me one of whatever that  was. While paying, I asked  her what the tester thingy was (by this time I had had like 4-5 tester thingies), she said "Choco-Amandes" .I was horrified.Disgusted at my ability to actually like something that had almond in it (amande=almond). Now I don't hate almonds,  I actually like having them on their own, but I just don't think they have a place in my meetha. I payed and left. While walking home I made up my mind to throw the choco-amande crap away and to not consume any of it. I must be mistaken. The salesgirl must be mistaken. I can't like anything almondy. I fished out the paper bag containing the choco-amande croissant and took a bite. Heaven . Buttery croissant, with bitter chocolate and a warm ,sweet syrup that oozed out with every bite.It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before and it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't throw it away. Within the two blocks between Au Pain Dore and my apartment I had finished almost all of it-if I ate it fast enough I could make myself forget that it ever happened. It was a one time thing. I'd never venture back into the dark ,dark hole of choco-amandes.How could I be associated with almond breakfast pastries? I didn't even like fruit danishes.
In my world it was the greatest crime ever committed.
But I couldn't stop fantasizing about the taste of it long after I had finished it.It was a bit like love at first sight. Or bite. I confessed to my sister that very night that I had tasted something spectacular that had almond paste in it. She ridiculed me at first, but I was quick to remind her that she too, loved pecan pie - which again was a nut family meetha. I made her try it the very next day. She loved it, I think, or she grew to love it. The last time we were in Montreal she antagonized me for not getting them everyday, and questioned the authenticity of my love for them.I made my friends try it- they professed that they had never expected something so good to come out of something consisting of almonds. I guess we all learned that we should let our guard down a bit more. Try new things, new people.A spiritual epiphany in the shape of a croissant. That's how good it was. Now I try to be not so quick to judge because it made me realize that I have no idea what I may grow to like.Or love.

Every time that I have been to Montreal after that, I have one everyday (almost) for breakfast- I don't care about how fattening it is, because there is nowhere else in the word I'd be able to have it. If anybody goes to Montreal, you must try it. Its in various locations all over. The easiest one for tourists would be the downtown location- on Peel and Catherine, right behind American Eagle. You will thank me.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good Riddance

I am so happy to hear that Blake Lively moves on fast and she is already dating Ryan Reynolds (That was quick, you have to admit). Thank God! That means no breakup/makeup between Leo and her (fingers crossed). Phew! Also, I really like the two together. See now they're both in each other leagues. They fit well. And I'm not being catty about it.They're both hot, show promise of a decent career ahead you know? Oh and he's Scarlett Johansson's ex. That adds to value, just like being Leo's ex adds to Serena's dating value. Oh and great move on Ryan's part. That'll show Scarlett.

See? Don't they look real good together? They do. She had no business messing with Leo in the first place.

The Jacket

A little while ago I mentioned this jacket that I was in love with and was waiting for it to come to me, before I disclosed what it looked like. looks like it is'nt coming. It wasn't available in Dubai, its sold out on the US site,and it can't be found in Montreal either. I know I'm to blame, because this jacket came in September I think, and of course it would get sold out immediately cos its spectacular, and we are in October end now- so I'm late. I guess, it seems like it's just not going to be mine. Which is possibly the saddest thing.
Anyway, I thought I'd finally post a picture of the jacket. Now don't look at it and be like "whats so special about this?", because I'd have to wear it to demonstrate and I don't have it so I can't wear it. Plus its just one of those things, either you get it or you don't.It's fine either way. I'm sure my daughters and her daughters would've understood. Another prospective family heirloom gone to waste.

  Also, while we're on Zara there are these boots that are kind of tickling my fancy you know? I don't love love them but I am sort of interested for some reason.Its funny because I know that if I'd seen those boots at Z or on anyone a few years ago I'd be like 'whyyyy would you do that?', and tbh, I think that was my reaction the first time I saw them- but strangely enough I find myself wanting to wear them. I catch myself mentally pairing outfits with them. Weird na?
I must be growing up.

A Dangerous Method

 I'm really looking forward to A Dangerous Method. Its got an awesome cast -Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, and Keira Knightley  (nice , right?) and the subject is very interesting - atleast to me. Vigs and and Magneto play Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung . The movie explores the relationship between the two that lead to the  birth to pyschoanalysis.Cool na? I have always been curious about the two, but could never sift through the academic writings about them/by them so my current knowledge is restricted to Wikipedia-hence I ,for one, am excited to know more. I hope  the movie increases my understanding of it. Plus a love triangle between the student and the teacher? and again, have you seen the cast? Should be fun.

On a side note, did you know that Magneto is dating Zoe Kravitz? The stripper with wings in X-Men who joins the evil side?
Yoop, they are, see for yourself :

Anyway the trailer for A Dangerous Method

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

PPP supporter for the week

    Yesterday was the first Monday in a long , long time that I woke up and chilled in bed for a while before getting up.It was beautiful. Having an hour to kill in bed before getting up is possibly one of  life's finest offerings.

 On Sunday night, a public holiday was announced (for Monday) due to the natural death of a political widow. She happened to be our current president's dead wife's mother and apparently he was over joyed to hear the news, because the MIL always terrified him, and had had a lot of dreams in which the MIL slaughtered him in his own slaughter house and fed him to her pet piranhas as a snack with their tea and so Zardari decided that a celebratory holiday was much,much, needed, like a show of goodwill, or Sadqa.
As a sign of gratitude towards our wonderfully useless government for announcing a holiday when I needed it most, I am a PPP supporter for the rest of the month. I will try and not curse the government at every chance I get, I will not make up fake stories about Zardari and BB's family and yep, I guess that means I will be missing the Imran Khan's thingy , but oh well- we all have to pay our dues, there are no free lunches in this world...and other similar sayings. I might even start wearing their party colors , or one of those buttons or something for the week.

 All of this might sound a bit excessive, especially missing Imran Khan's gt at the park since he is my hero, but I believe very strongly in being appreciative of things other people do for you, and showing your appreciation through actions. Now I know this wasn't done especially for me (not by Zardari at least, God -maybe), but I can bet my diet coke on the fact that it made nobody happier ,(I know it wasn't supposed to be a happy holiday), and no one enjoyed it as much as I did. Even though I did nothing special. And it felt great that the cause of sooooo much joy was just one chutti.No big thing, no big gift, no big wish...just one public holiday when  I was least expecting it.
Life is so simple at times.
 So I must in my own small way, try to return the favor. And I will do this by supporting PPP for a week.

Thank you, People's Party.

“It’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.”

Iris Apfel is this delightful old bird who is almost a century old and has apparently a wardrobe that has traveled all over the world for its quirkiness and general fabulousity. A fashion icon, a collector  (although she doesn't consider herself one) and just plain cool . I only recently discovered her, and she is absolutely hilarious. You know how old women are really funny? They just say whatever comes to their mind without considering anybody's feelings. They just don't care to be polite anymore after years and years of suffering through politeness.
In any case I liked one of the things she said  about knowing who you are:
 'I don't try to intellectualise about it because it tightens you up. I think you have to be loose as a goose.'

Ryan Gosling dreaming -II

 I was right. My crush-instincts were spot on.
I saw my first Ryan Gosling movie -Crazy, Stupid, Love a few days ago, and WOW. Ryan Gosling is looking so good its unbelievable that I haven't noticed him until now.His wardrobe is spectacular if a little metro, but that's just his look., and he pulls it off so well that I can't complain. Honestly you have to see it to believe it. There's this one scene in which he is in a mall, eating a pizza in one of the most well-tailored suits I've ever seen on a guy. Its like out of a Esquire/GQ editorial. Such basic elements. Pizza, mall, great suit.
Apart from that the movie is okay, good I guess. I don't watch too many rom-coms, and it was just like any other-except of course RG .Steve Carrell gave in to some Michaelisms which were entertaining . Julianne Moore is gorgeous.  Emma Stone and RG had great chemistry, although I don't really get what the big deal is with her.Anyway I'm going to stop now, because clearly the only thing I took away form the movie was RG. I can't wait to see Ides of March now.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Power Point Proficient baby!

You know, I thought that today I would rant about how my mother played favorites and got so many more things for my sister than she did for me from Dubai.I thought I'd also talk about how I want to go to Buenos Aires soon, cos it's supposed to be popping.I hate that word, but I can't find a suitable adjective and unlike most days I'm kinda in a hurry.And there's only one thing I want to talk about.
So we all put things down on our resume right? Like "proficient in MS word, excel and power point ".I thought that it was one of those things.You know. Kehney ki baatein.  At least for me they were, expect for Word obv. But I am happy to announce that I have become Power Point proficient in a mighty large sense of the word. Okay I don't know how to do the table and the pie-charts just yet - but frankly speaking I hope to God I never need to know how to make those. Really. Why would I? Am I a travelling/ door to door salesman? No!

But I now know how to proper animate pictures, fonts, put sound clips in, text boxes and all sorts of cool things in the slides. Pretty cool na? Now  I can put 'proficient in powerpoint' on my resume and it wont be a lie. Really. All thanks to my job. Today I had to make 2 presentations and 3 tel-ups in less that three hours. So yes, power point genius you may call me. Next on my list- Excel. I'm pretty psyched about my new skill as you can read.
Gone are the days when I'd be asked to make a presentation and I would freak and think 'Oh God what a monster of a job' and try to find my way out of it ( there are always ways), and exchange horrid favors in return for a measly power point presentation that was ugly at best with no sense of typography. Now , for me, Its as easy as 1-2-3. Or a quick snap of my fingers.  I think I might start making presentations for people as a side job. I bet there are more people like old-me who would pay to get this done. Haina?

Get in touch to place your orders.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

As I've mentioned before, I love this book. And this whole book is practically my favourtie quote. Like it gives some insights about human nature, the world, love, life, etc that are so endearing that its hard not to fall in love with the whole thing
One of my favorites from the book :

" When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object "

Versace for HM

I love that H&M does these collaborations with high-end designers almost every season and gives us designer collections that are very affordable. Of course its not your usual H&M price range, they are more expensive, but at the same time names like Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo which aren't accessible to the majority in terms of feasibility , suddenly, become affordable.The collection ranges from $19.95(USD) for costume jewellery to $299 for a studded leather dress. So really, there is something for everyone. Also for the first time they have included home decor items as well.

The collection for H&M is quintessentially Versace.Very 90's, when it was all rage. Bright prints, the Greek key, Bold and edgy cuts, zebra prints and corsets all make an appearance. Its a super fun collection,  some of the dresses are must-haves, as well as the yummy skirts and leggings.