Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mad Men: Prepare to swim the English Channel and then drown in champagne

The scene I had been waiting for almost all my life finally happened, and it was just as great as I ever dreamed for it to be. Don and Joan. Chilling.
That was possibly the single most gratifying moment in my Mad Men memory.
I have already discussed how I really wanted something to transpire between Don and Joan, since both of them are such great archetypes of their respective genders. In fact, before this season started I was convinced that the story line would somehow bring these two together, since Jon Hamm mentioned something cryptic regarding Don and Joan's relationship. I was overjoyed at the possibilities.  Fact is, I love Joan. She is possibly one of my favorite characters of all time in general TV history, and Don is obviously larger than life...at least in my life. I think its been a constant amazement for all Mad Men fans that the two characters have not shared any kind of  a romantic past. I mean, come on, just look at those two. Why not? they have both been shown as highly desirable characters on the show- so the fact that they have never gravitated towards each other has been a legit question mark.
I'm not saying they need a relationship,  because I think we can see that perhaps that would not be quite so successful, but  a little tryst is due. No? that they have been working together for like a decade or so without anything happening poses a conundrum the size of K2.

Well, this week's  episode answers some of those queries and perhaps raises new ones.
Joan gets served divorce papers in the office, which causes her to lose her cool (which she rarely ever does, and she does it sooo spectacularly; a pleasure to watch, really.).

 Don happens to be there at that moment leaving to test drive a Jaguar. Seeing how upset Joan is, he takes her along to the showroom they pretend to be a married couple- and eventually wind up at a bar for a drink- which leads where to one of the best conversations of this season.

We find out that the reason why Don never made a move on Joan was because she 'scared the shit' outta him. They talk about Joan's divorce and Don's cheating (?) in his marriage- but in a very cloaked manner. But what could've been a very serious , dreary conversation in this case was just full of sparks and cheekiness. Loved it. I swear I felt like I was a part of the convo. You would expect for something to happen, cos like...you know; duh. But nothing did, and what is more surprising than that is that somehow, it made that moment even better.
Seeing the two together in a bar, indulging in some harmless(?) flirting, and witnessing the chemistry that the two share- was possibly better and more fun than anything else we could've asked for.
It really was like an earl christmas gift. Or just a gift.

On first viewing of the episode, I was just on the edge of my seat (actually that not true I was lying down, but whatever, you get the picture) waiting for someone to make a move, someone to lean in. The pretend husband-wife duo at the Jaguar showroom, the fooling around at the bar somewhere between tipsy and drunk, the obvious comfort between the two pointed towards something happening, how could it not? This is Don, this is Joan, and this is TV. But it never happened. Don - playing wingman, just left before anything got messy. Now, I have wanted Joan and Don to happen for a while so I had every right to be all wtf. I mean, this storyline was just a tease in that sense. It almost happened. Yet, the flirtation, the conversation, just the way the two interacted with each other was delectable. I actually paused and rewinded that scene right that instant to see it again. It was just so enjoyable. I mean I could totally relate to it; obviously barring so many things- but still.  I loved the flowers the next day, the 'Ali Khan' sign off, and the way Joan was beaming when he gave that little speech. Btw I really feel like Joan does have a bit of a crush on him. Just the way she looks at him says it almost. And twice she was like "oh, you're irresistible" , and "who would believe that?" to the possibility of him ever striking out with any girl. I mean she really put him high up there on a pedestal. If it was any other girl, we all know that she would piss me off for doing such things and generally being so gushy. But because its Joan- who btw I have never seen to be as a gushy type- I let her get away with it, and tbh i love her for it.

I think the question that remained in my mind was what would have happened if Joanie and Don did end up having that dance to 'her music?'. Would things have gone off on a different direction? Why didn't she?
Also, was it me or did it seem like Joan wanted him to stay?

What else? I'm sorry I can't even pretend that I was remotely interested in anything else in this episode besides the two of them. So that's that.

Megan wore a great red dress. Ugh. Btw, she has been really spending his money on wardrobe huh? You can really tell.

I don't know what Roger wants from Joan. Not sure. Towards the end of the episode, when he's leaving Joan with her flowers; he seems kinda genuinely upset.

I loved Megan channeling Betty Draper. Sitting pissed off with wine at the dinner table. I didn't love Megan, I just love that she's begin driven to that point. Btw, have I told you I hate her temper tantrums? The way she pouts and shouts. Ugh. Annoyance personified.

Okay, thats all I care about.
Btw, only three more episodes to go till the end of the season.
Can you believe how soon this is happening?

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