Monday, 13 August 2012

I've Never Been Happier for Other People.

This year has been full of engagements and disengagements and marriages and divorces and more engagements. Not just around me, but like the celeb world as well- and not just int he celeb world but amongst the local riffraff as well. There was a time , earlier this year when you could not get past twelve straight hours without hearing of a new union. By the end of it it just seemed staged; you know like those bombings that took place in Lahore a few years ago, when there were like eleven explosions in one night or one hour or something across the city? By the tenth one you anticipated the other one with a strange mix of excitement and revulsion. Well it was kinda almost the same. Even in the celeb world you know; very high profile couples did - Brad and Angie, Miley Cyrus and her boy- i've forgotten his name; tempted to call him it? Anyway so like lots, like hordes.
But I have never been happier to hear of anyone's engagement as I am today to hear about Jennifer Aniston! I mean, it lured me into writing my first post in months as soon as I saw it- that's gotta mean something na?

 Round of applause everyone- she deserves it. I think she should host a huge press conference, or something akin to the Olympics closing ceremony, and simply just walk in (with or without her fiancĂ© Justin Theroux) take a bow, and simply walk out to fireworks all over the place. No need for a speech or anything even; we get it without words even.
I mean the poor soul had become tagged as 'unlucky in love' and what not. She was haunted I tell you, HAUNTED by her previous marriage, and consequently her ex-husband's new family. Like ALL the time. Her breakup, and what she went through for YEARS after was PURE ziyaadti.
She could be as cool, and nonchalant as she wanted, and work her ass of for that perfect yoga body which defies all rules of age-tivity but all anyone saw was 'poor lonely Jen'. You saw pictures of her in impossibly skimpy bikinis and on racy magazine covers , where she is working it like nobody's family business and still all you heard was 'haye bechari' ( urdu translation of "Poor Lonely Jen"). The only saving grace of all this was that it blasted the common cultural myth that being skinny meant that all the luck and happiness was reserved for you it. It isn't.
Anyway, maybe we all can finally find a reason to validate her existence apart from her failed marriage,  and the 'Rachel Cut' and stop feeling so damn bad for her, and feel greaaat for as she has always felt for herself. She has always said, 'Hey! I'm good. Don't worry about me', but we the people na.
Job well done Jen.
And for all those of you , who are now going to say oooh, obvi she was going to get engaged after Brad and Angie announced their own wedding plans, and that this is just a revenge engagement: Please wash your face and get a life. The world had moved on, so should you and stop picking problems when they are not even yours.
I really, really hope that this ends really well for Jennifer.

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