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The Biggest Fashion Night of the Year

 The annual Met ball is usually the biggest fashion night of the year.
Organized by the Voguettes and hosted by the Queen Bee, Anna Wintour herself ; this is a night to look forward to. You know that people will be going all out; and not really playing safe as with the oscars or any other major awards ceremonies..
That was the biggest disappointment of this year actually, after, well, nothing actually. (No, that doesn't mean its been a good year it just mean I have lowered my expectations all the way down to zero). Anyway, the fashion at all the major award shows was far from scintillating; which is not say we didn't see some great gowns, we did- but nothing that makes me truly excited, save a few- which was a major let down after seeing some fabulous couture in Paris Couture Week in the same month.
In any case, with the Met you know that won't be the case. People dont jsut want to look gorgeous, they want to make a statement. They want their clothes to be talked about, and so they put their best fashion foot forward (or atleast try) and take some risks and have some fun.

My absolute favorite look was a beautifully played Prada by Diane Kruger, who is a great style icon in my books. She takes these risks, yet doesn't over-do them. There is a Kate Moss-ish quality to the way she approaches clothes which is always welcome.

She wore this purple Prada gown with feather embellishment, and she kept the rest of it really nice and simple. It all just looked lovely, yet not boring.Nice casual air about her styling, while the gown , the feathers, the colour of it obviously said more.
I really liked this.

I also really liked models Chanel Iman, and Coco Rocha's outfits.
Chanel Iman was in Tom Ford in this exquisite black and white gown, which looked stunning on her. It doesn't hurt that she has tom Ford on her arm which is to say nothing except that I think he's a fox. A gay fox, but fox nonetheless.

Coco Rocha wore this vintage Givenchy pant suit that was previously owned by Liz Taylor; which I think is just so camp and  positively decadent. Also, the suit actually looked really nice on her, and so fun. It kinda seemed like some people are treating the Met Ball as the actual Oscars; which means they take it too seriously, and just put too much pressure on looking the best that you could possibly look, and take the quirky, fun element which is an essential part of fashion out of the entire equation. Coco Rocha says, eff that. I'm going to wear a wine stained pant suit and look great in it and have fun and  that's all that matters. This sort of approach always passes with flying colors.

Camilla Belle was one person who went with the Oscars type look in Ralph Lauren, but she killed it, so I'm all for it. I loved the dark lips. I usually don't like dark lips, well I didn't like them when they were last in fashion which was in the 90s and I was a kid back then and I couldn't understand for the life of me why any woman would wear dark purple, auberginey type lipstick over a pretty pink, but now as I'm older- I' see that it can be pulled off. I just don't think I'm there yet, but Camilla clearly is.
Another person also working the dark lip is Kate Bosworth. I actually loved her entire look as well, Prada I think. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to google and recheck.Okay it is Prada.  But yeah, is it me  Are you also loving the lip? 

 Who else? Okay, I love  Givenchy , you guys know what, but some how, I just didn't feel it- even though there was alot of Givenchy on the red carpet. Gisele looked the best in it, and A+ to Beyonce for trying but somehow , vastly they all ended up being not quite for me. Like I had to force myself to like them cos its Givenchy.They looked stunning, of course, but I dunno-  something was amiss.


Trying too hard.Love the tail of it, and how she has lost all her baby weight, but I don't know.

 Eww. A for trying to be different though.

 Okay, stunning- but come on its Gisele.

 I love Liv, and I love Givenchy so its a real surprise that this isn't working for me.

Too intense. Maybe if she wore her hair down, and went for softer makeup.Am just too used to Rooney Mara looking the same way, and having that same Lisabeth Slander look going on. I think someone hasn't told her that the movie has been released for a few months now.

You know what was the funnest, flashiest and most Oh-wow-someone-pulled-out-all-the-stops look of the night? Biance  Barndolini d'Adda . She wore this Dolce and Gabbana number, and she really went all out. I loved it.

 Sooo diva-esque na? So Barbara Striesand or Cher type. I would love to get a closer look of the neck embellishment, but oh well such is life. At the same time, Karolina Kurkova (styled and in a gown by Rachel Zoe, stylist par extraordinaire) went for a diva look as well, but it some how didn't work for me. I found the dress to be too similar to the Armani Prive gown Anne Hathaway wore to the Globes last year (also styled by Rachel Zoe) , and the Turban just reminded me of Kate Moss at the 2010 Met Ball.

Is it me , or does it loo like the amalgamation of both these looks?

Christina Ricci wore this Thakoon number which is on a lot of best dressed lists, and it really is a fab gown but man I don't rally like Ricci, which takes it a few point down. But hey, I'll look past it. Its not Thakoon's fault. 

SJP was a real miss for me. She wore Valentino (spring 2012) , and , well, I dunno fell kinda flat for me. But I think that's just got to do with Valentino not being sexy anymore.Too girly, and not to be age-ist or anything but SJP is no girl.

Btw, am not just asskissing here ( what would even be the point of that) but I loved Anna Winotur's Prada Lobster gown. It was mazey ka. I always love weird animals with fashion.

Another like, Caroline Tentini in Theysken's theory.
I like the idea of the embelished crop top/bolero type on top,and that beautiful blue colour.

You know, I dont like Gwynnie Paltrow very much. I just find her persona annoying over-effy type. I also find she goes out of her way to promote her legs/bod. Not that she shouldn't cos both are amazing, and she works like a dog on the treadmill for them, laikin, it just seeems like the ultimate cause for her dressing: LOOK HOW HOT MY BODY IS. I know Jennifer Aniston also does it,but she manages to pull it off, and she doesn'tpretend to be a fashion freak along the way.
 Omg, I just realized both are Brad Pitt's exes. Do you think its a complex these women develop after Brad?
Hmmm... must ponder on that a little more.

Gwyn, being fake cheery in her Prada.

Jessica Stam. Dior. This is how its done.
Equal parts elegant. Equal parts insane.

Lana Del Ray. Joseph Altuzarra. Love it. Unlike others, I don't think its too similar too Gwyn's oscar Tomford thingie. I think the metallic gown is pure beauty.

Nina Dobrev. Donna Karan. Also really nice. Like i know its a little oscary, but is also a little not. Stunning if you ask me.

Sofia Vergara killin' it in Marchesa. Somehow i find the silhouette a bit dekha dekha on her, like its very close to what she always wear...which I guess I mean is strapless (!?!) you know what I mean No, not the strapless part...but just generally, its kinda the same old same old, but I guess she always look soooo good in it, that its forgiven and blessed.

And those, were my pick of notables from the Met. btw, if your wondering why there was so much Prada on the red carpet, no its not cause they're having a sale, actually the Met celebrated the opening of the Prada exhibit titles "Impossible Conversations" I bet it will be amazing. Do check it out if you are in NY.

There is no wrost dressed, because I just dont believe in that sort of thing, unless ofcourse its hard to refrain.

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