Monday, 8 October 2012

Hi Mindy! ...I'm almost done here life is almost complete now.
You must know that this is infact the truth, since I have not written about anything in very long. So only something very special must bring me out of my blogger exile.
I have mentioned how much I love Parkas na? Like love love.
Since I was a kid btw. I think they are one the coolest articles of clothing one can own, and in winters THE coolest and I used to believe that they were exclusively made for guys, or well only they could pull them off truly, truly, and like I still would go totally OMG if I saw some guy wearing one well.But in this day and age of unisexual everything, and guys thinking as much about their look as girls, I can venture into the parka right? free, unashamed, and bouncing. Haina?
So that's what I shall do.
Now all we need is for me to wear it say 4-5 times , and I swear to you I can die a happy person. Not even 5 times. 4 is enough.Like actual, asal mein. I will have achieved most of my goals which I set out to when I was born.
 It really helps that it has started become chillier these days, so perhaps the days will come sooner than I anticipated, and I can start wearing it.
You wanna see the jacket? Okay okay, calm down. Here it is.
Its Z ( duh!) in case your wondering.

Sooo cool right?
I was telling my friend the other day that its the ultimate bro jacket. Or the ultimate chiller one. Its like your best friend jacket. Its the jacket you wear at 3 am over your pjs when there is an emergency, and it makes you feel better about the whole situation, just because its wrapped all around you.Its the jacket you wear to the dep in -15.
Its the jacket you wear to a party when you're overdressed/ or wearing something too short, and immediately upon wearing you're not this odd anomaly/ ---- but someone cool; just cos you have the jacket.
BTW- fur lining, and hood- are detachable; which is like next level awesome. So its not like it'd  be 'it doesn't get that cold in Lahore' to wear it. Rest assured I will not look like a freak. And if it wasn't bad ass enough as it it, it also has slight leather accents. All I need is aviators and a head set, and I swear I could pass off as an important person who gets things done. Perhaps a movie producer even.

If you are not so excited about this as I am its totally understandable because nobody was. My father , who generously got this for me was like 'WTH you are so weird!' about it. My sister was like ummmm yeah! cool why not type, but I already know we will have fights about it cos despite its lack of aesthetic appeal to her, it'll be so comfy in the winters. She always warms up to my things faster than hers, so no love lost there.
 Also as I am always looking for ways to go to work in the same clothes I have slept in and hence save time getting ready in the morning and sleep more- this might finally prove to be a successful way. Haina? maybe floral pj's with this masculine (ish)  jacket might look like a "look" Right? Could happen... anything can happen at anytime you know. Nothing is impossible. We live in the damned age of Facebook. Not sure about the relevance of that, just wanted to say it.
 I showed it to a friend and I felt she was being happy about it only because I was super psyched about it. Her eyes lacked the genuine passion for it, but then again; she's only just met her - oh yes, I have named her: Mindy- maybe in a few mulaqats people might start opening up to her. Even my cousin who I expected to like it, was like meh about it- cos now she's going for the girl girl look... you know?  sparkly blazers and tweed and what not.
But it's okay, since this is true love and I don't expect anyone else to get it, and on some level,I probably wouldn't even want them know?
Anyway, thats it. I'm hungry if it matters.
Am thinking of baking sugar cookies and perhaps nail the royal icing this time.
Let's see.

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