Thursday, 22 March 2012

Accepting Expensive Gifts on Just This One Occasion-II

I have found my must have shoes for this season.
I was playing my favorite at work game- If net-a-porter was my personal wardrobe, and I came across the most awesome shoes.
I want.
I need so bad/

I haven't shopped for a while,so I'm at that point when everything online seems gorgeous. Never has it been so pertinent to own trash. I'm actually imaginary buying bangles from f21. Just Imagine. Bangles! of all the things in the world. I don't even wear bangles.

These are Miu Miu.
Wow na? I know, they are a bit OTT, with the color, the heels and the glitter platform ,but its okay. I believe hooker heels are the most acceptable hooker inspired apparel that a lady can own, so don't be embarrassed by the heel, you will not be mistaken for a -- if you're walking down the street in these- although I will suggest : please don't walk down the street in these shoes-take a cab; some shoes are only meant to to be walked on polished and lacquered marble, nothing else. Also, if you belong to a the safe brigade, who are wishing that the shoes were in black/beige instead of turquoise-no! If these shoes were in black, trust me the hooker factor would be amped up way way more. Since these ones are in a candy color, the sex appeal  is a bit toned down, cos the color is kinda clowny na, and nobody thinks clowns are sexy. At the same time, the jeweled heel, is the  shoe equivalent of Victoria Secret cleavage .
Do you get my point?
Of course, don't wear it with a tight body con dress. Try to harmonize the shoes with your clothes by providing a contrast. Something simple, something hat doesn't overplay in the sexiness dept. The truth of the matter is, you never want to come across as trying too hard, so as long as you are avoiding that road, go for whatever you want.
I'd probably wear them with ankle length jeans and a white shirt, or a white sheath dress.
However if you want the shoe to be black for the precise reason of  maximum sex appeal and are seeking the full on hooker experience from your shoes : look online you might find them. They probably do exist in black. Neiman Marcus. Bergdoff Goodman. If a black version exists they probably have it.
The shoes are about $1000. Steep, but not so much if you look at it as an investment.

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  1. These shoes looked very expensive gifts if we like to share with friends.