Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why Marc Why??

Marc Jacobs, imo, is one of the hottest gay men around if not the hottest. Like honestly I'm trying to think of someone who is better or rates higher and I can't . Maybe Barney for some, and yeah, he's funny and great and all that but Marc Jacobs has such a different look. I guess I like darker guys. And hello, do you remember his ad for his perfume, Bang? Have you seen his bod? Actually, his sexuality has nothing to do with it- he's hot.Period
Having said that,  I don't get his clothes much these days.Well for his own label , I still kinda do, but for LV...no! Like, the fall 2012 collection shown in Paris the week before last ( I know I should've posted about the various fashion weeks, but I just can't bring myself to it-suffering from a block) I. honestly didn't know what to make of it. I tried imagining myself in any of the pieces, and it was tough, tough for me to fall in love with any one thing. Especially as compared to the spring/summer 2012 collection.Now that was a delight. And those clunky shoes with the diamond buckle in the fall 2012? what was that? why does Marc hate women all of a sudden. Like, maybe I'm just not fashion savvy enough to 'get' his collection because according to the reviews the fashion elite was tripping on its pointy, metal capped toe heels while I was having a hard time liking, like liking liking anything. Maybe I'm just a fashion hick in that sense. But at the same time, when something looks off , I know- i.e,Marc Jacobs photographed at a recent outing.

But first, I have a question,  how weird is too weird? and how weird does one have to be to negate from their attractiveness ranking.How weird are you to crush on someone who is weird?Lost? , okay, just see first:

These are the diamond buckle horrors from his fall 2012 btw, and like seriously? a hot pink dress? and little toiletry case held literally like a clutch?(or maybe an actual clutch)
Okay, okay. let's be rationale about this.Maybe it was a costume party. The guy behind him looks like he's in costume. No need to freak.
 Okay I checked, it's not costume- he actually wore that to fashion week in Paris. The guy next to him is an architect. I don't know how the last bit is relevant or important, but oh well.
The face, still, looks kinda awesome, but neck down its one horror after the other. I mean kyun? why would you do that? I understand, it might've just been out of pure convenience, cos hey- these clothes are just lying around in your atelier/or wherever and you just put them on. You put them , stand infront of the mirror and think, 'hey this doesn't look so bad', turn to side profile , 'not bad at all' . Out of sheer boredom, and feeling proud of how good your bod has bene looking for the past few days, you decide, ' oh, what the hell, life is too short, I think I'm going to wear this out today'.And then you actually do. Most people, would retract their decision between the thinking and the actualizing. Marc Jacobs managed to pass that level, since his creatives capabilities surpass most human beings. Yet, understanding all of this and of course the terribilità that creative personalities suffer bi-weekly, I still can't help lamenting when I see this picture (I ve seen it a few times through the course of the day, keep thinking/hoping that it may have been a dream)

Why Marc Why? I understand you could never be attracted to me, but that doesn't mean you can't let me be attracted to you. Don't worry, this is a harmless crush , in fact not even a crush crush,  I haven't gone lovesick and dreamt about kids or drapes with you. But please don't resort to this.If it was a one time thing, something you just wanted to try, or freak the media out (those paps can be so annoying na)- great, job well done. But don't make it into a habit. I don't want people to associate you with womenswear , well, they actually do do that- but not as the designer who is in drag, or models his womenswear line (I'm actually not sure of the dress is his design, but the shoes are definitely his). I'm only saying this because I care about you. Else I'd never. You know that.

For those who have forgotten how incredibly hot he is:

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  1. hahaha "I understand you could never be attracted to me, but that doesn't mean you can't let me be attracted to you. " this totally made my night