Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Newsweek Goes Retro

 Warning: This is about Mad Men.

So in anticipation of the Mad Men premier this Sunday, Newsweek has tied up with Mad Men, and gone back to their 1965 format (at least for the cover) to transport us to the time in which the series will pick up from. How cool na? The cover looks great (duh). What's cooler is that all the present day advertisements were given the opportunity to go back to that era. The featured ads are all done in SCDP format. How fun na? I'm so getting my hand on a copy. Advertisers like All State, Mercedes (who Don/Jon Hamm does the voice over for), Tide etc all jumped at the opportunity for providing retro ads, cos lets face it- its fun, and it's great branding opportunity.

My apologies for only featuring stuff about Mad Men since ever now, but I cannot help it. I've got  a problem , which I am not ashamed to admit- as acceptance is the first step to recovery, and I have also developed a giant block called boredom which I am not being able to work through.

So 3 things.

1) Apologies for not posting as regularly, or as well, or at all. I cannot tell you when I shall return to the old because I have no clue.
2) I am thorougly impressed by how far AMC has gone to promote this show, and ensure that the show gets crazy opening TRPs, and every person on the planet with internet knows about Mad Men's impending return - and that they are well excited about it. I thought only movies have this kind of a press and publicity exercises. If I did'nt already love the show, I'd probably hate it for the amount of publicizing it has done. But you can't blame them-they are returning after 17 months- and people in this day and age have incredibly short memory/attention spans, and are more capable of 'out of sight, out of mind' , rather than 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'.
3) Do you guys know (have I mentioned it before?) - in this season they will delve into Joan and Don's relationship? Hold up! I doubt it involves romantic twist...but I think it goes into both of their shared past more. Cos they have been working in the same company for a while now na , and they share this comfort which has never be explained. Sooo that's interesting. Although I bet my left hand there has to be someeeethhhiiinnggg at some point-initial mai, before they decided it was totally platonic you know. I wonder who came onto who?

Anyway, checkout the retro ads that were featured in the Newsweek.

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