Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Game Change

I saw Game Change last night.
It was awesome.
Like awesome awesome.
You know?

Game Change is an HBO tv movie starring Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris.

First things first. The print was amazing. Like so amazing that I texted my sister in the other room saying that movie print was amazing. She was not interested in the print. She was doing homework. I knew that she wasn't interested. I still sent her that text because I was so excited. If the initial shock of the print being wow hadn't rendered me immobile for the opening credits I would have probably gotten up, walked to her room and told her myself. Mind you, its an HBO tv movie so I hardly expected it to be out already here, that too in good print, just a WEEK after its release. Yes a week.Good job Shahzad movie store.

Moving on, its about the 2008 presidential race; more specifically the McCain-Palin campaign; even more specifically about how the selection of Palin as republican VP nominee was a rash choice made by McCain (played by Ed Harris of Step Mom's ever absent dad fame), and his team of advisors, one of whom was  Steve Schmidt ( Woody Harrelson)- the man whose pov is most evident in the movie . I thoroughly enjoyed that election, so perhaps that's why I might find it to be more interesting than others -I was engrossed for almost the entire duration of the film if not all. Moore is amazing as Palin, she channels that particular 'Palin' brand of confidence, her skills as an entertainer, and her stuttered failings as a good politician and statesman (woman?) beautifully in every frame of the movie. She thought the Queen was the head of government of Britain. She thought the the war in Iraq was because Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. Yes. True story, well at least according to the movie.
The movie also raises really interesting questions that seem more relevant than ever with the elections coming up again, and the race for the GOP nomineee already well on its way. One of them was whether popular 'personalities' such as Obama and Palin had what it takes to be a good president. Yes, they had the charm and star quality to capture audiences but not much else in terms of credentials- and nowhere near the experience that McCain had. You see that in the movie; Sarah Palin is being fawned over by the public, while the campaign advisors ask amongst themselves whether they would want a candidate as inexperienced as Palin to be in such close proximity to becoming the President of the United States ( McCain was 72 at that time, and had had prior heart conditions) by default.  Same goes for Obama; in the very beginning of the movie  we are told that this is a man who has done nothing but he manages to gather crowds like a celebrity does, just because he has that X factor- but what does that mean for the United States?
 Looking back at the Obama's tenure and how he has fared; the American public might understand the importance of having a president that is more than a great speaker and a crowd catcher.  Obviously I understand its unreal and faulty to place an entire country's expectations in the hand of one man and expect even a quarter of them to be met, but well that's what Obama's victory was about in a sense,in addition to the American public's deep dismay and distrust in anything republican after the Bush presidency.

Coming back to the movie.

Julianna Moore is amazing.
Woody Harrelson is awesome.
Pace is great.

And also, 

Do watch.


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