Friday, 13 April 2012

Joanie Got Game.

Let me just start by saying that I have loved Joan since the start of the show.What an awesome woman. She has so much spunk and sass, and just the fact that she is sooooooo desirable despite being pretty curvy in today's size 0  world- that is no mean feat. But she does it so effortlessly, I mean she walks in a room and its hard, like truly HARD to take your eyes off her.

Exhibit A:

In addition to that, she is not one to be taken for a ride and she can take pretty goodcare of her self. She what she wants, and that what we see in this week's episode. We have known her husband is the biggest pos to exist since, I dunno, can't think, but you know she can do sooooooo much better. He's such a stupid. Always riddled with self esteem issues and a self-importance complex. Not to mention ungrateful. I remember in season 4 finale when Joanie told him over the phone that she was preggo he was asking if they were bigger. How much bigger can they get Greg, you have already been blessed with more than most people can even dream of, why can't you just be happy with what you have?

OMG. I have the most brill (read: brilliant)idea ever! you know who would be perfect like PERFECT together? BETTY AND GREG ( Joanie's husband). They are almost the same people, or equally whiny and maybe when they see themselves in each other they could see how annoying they can be, and reflexively become better. Both would do each other just fine. One would have to become stronger, and since Greg is such a wuss (despite being in Vietnam and all), we can't be sure that he'd take charge even though he's a man. We could even imagine a power struggle.

See with Joan you knew she was allowing him to be the pos that he was being because she like the idea of it all. Handsome, surgeon husband. Being a doctor's wife blah blah. She didn't know he'd turn out to be a dud.And a rapist at that. This episode we see her realize that she is better off without having to deal with the problem that is her husband. That he makes her life much more hard than it actually should be. He was too selfish to care about their marriage or the child that he thought was his. Not only did she dump him, but she did it so resiliently, so calmly, with so much poise- it was a breakup 101 for mere mortals. She wasn't the weak, quivering, crying woman- she was self assured. She knew this was best for her and that thats all she needed to know. She realized that the facade of being happy wasn't worth being unhappy over.
I'm sorry I just love Joan.

Best Scene Ever

Joan: I'm glad the army makes you feel like a man,because I'm sick of trying to do it

Greg: The army makes me feel like a good man

Joan: You're not a good man. You never were. Even before we were married, and you know what I'm talking about.

So this means Joan is back in the game now. Is she going to right back into Roger's arms? Can't wait for next episode.

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