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How the mighty have fallen - Betty is fat?!

If Mad Men was looking for a shocker, well they gave it to us straight early on in the season, and as an indicator of the fact the more shockers will be coming soon, Joan in the third (fourth) episode dumps her self-esteem issued, rapist husband. What does this mean?
Of the two, people are decidedly more focused on Fat Betty. Yes that is what she is known as now, even online that's all I see: fat Betty this , fat Betty that- and I think maybe that was the point. Just imagine, for us as viewers , Betty isn't Betty anymore, the adjective has become a necessary addition to the name, as though old Betty cannot be mistaken for Fat Betty.
Lets get something clear, people are thoroughly enjoying this new plot line. Betty's transformation is a disgusting , but wildly interesting perversion that everyone seems to want more of. Its sadistically entertaining to see a person with a once hot bod become a fatty.Especially if the hot bod is considered one of the worst TV moms ever.

We are introduced to Betty's 'change' at the start of the second episode with  Sally tugging at Betty's zip trying to make it close. We've all been in that position so lets not pretend we don't know what it feels like. It sucks. And to see Betty in the position- it was morbidly fascinating. What had they done to her?especially when the next scene is that of that ho Megan being easily zipped into her dress by Don. 
What had the world come to?
When did Betty become that? Whyy? How? Did she even like food? we had barely ever seen her eat.
Well that changed in this episode.

Betty being fat is a HUGE deal.
The thing is, it seems, that the only redeeming quality about Betty was her unquestionable, can't-take-my-eyes-of-you beauty. Also, a great sense of style. Like I remember last year when I saw all four seasons in a row I desperately wanted to channel second season Betty in her equestrian outfits with capes. I desperately wanted the cape.I made the mother get me the leggings with thigh suede insets.  Her face, with any kind of makeup (and without) was just gorgeous. On Derby day, when Roger has recently married his secretary Jane- Betty looked out of this world gorgeous, while she was very pregnant. She's just one of those girls. Every time somebody discusses what a bitch Betty is, its quickly followed by- but she's gorgeous/beautiful/blah. They just can't help it. Her seriously psycho behavior does not put a speck on her beauty.
Having said that, with Betty being fat and all, her character has become irredeemable. As sad as that is, but its like the one thing she had in the world, her only edge, her only saving grace isn't there anymore.The shows writers are absolutely brutal to the character. Up till now (in the season), I just feel sympathetic towards fat Betty.

Towards the end of her plot line in the second episode we see that on some level she wouldn't have minded the cancer, so the issue of her being fat could be sidelined.She desperately wants to blame her condition (being fat) on someone or something- because that's what Betty does best- shift the blame. This one she doesn't have anything to blame it on too. Plus, it must be horrible to deal with,knowing how smokin' you were just a few months ago and now you're ashamed to be naked in front of your husband (who clearly still adores her and doesn't care). Will Betty be nice now that she is fat? I doubt it. We see the way she behaves with her MIL, and how when her husband is trying to console her about how it doesn't matter to him, she replies in a  straight,monotonous tone  " your mothers obese". Betty may have lost the edge in her looks, and in her tone of voice, but she is still as spoilt,selfish and whiny as ever. She just doesn't look as  good whining now.
The thing is , Betty has always felt this unbearable emptiness in her life.That is how we have been introduced to her since the very first season. That something is amiss. At some point I think she just doesn't know how to be happy. And as detestable as she is in the way she treats her children in season 4, you pity that her existence is like that of a hollow shell. Its like she is empty- and we don't know why, and I think even she doesn't know why, and perhaps now she has been trying to fill that emptiness up with food. She's not the first person to do it, and certainly not the last. In the last scene of that episode when we see Betty eating away the sundae alone in her kitchen, and seemingly very content in the activity. Betty has always felt to some degree, isolated from everyone else around her, and we have seen this urge in her to connect with someone on a deeper level-to have a confidante who she isn't afraid of being judged by, and it seems that she has found that confidante in food.
At some point you just wanna know, why is she so unhappy.What are the reason for her many miseries ?
The worst part is that during some scenes you actually get that she doesn't need a reason, its just how she is, and how people can be .  

Anyway, am looking forward to seeing Betty in a different light and seeing how her style will be evolutionized for this season,  given the weight gain and all.Maybe we'll see soem great plus size fashion

My favorite Betty looks:

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