Friday, 20 April 2012

If you're looking for a new pair of shades

I don't think I've ever mentioned sunglasses in my blog, or had a separate post for them atleast. Yes ofcourse, I mentioned my Veruschkas/ICBFYIPs, but obviously they would be mentioned, they are part owners of this blog.

So since summers are well on their way, and if you live anywhere close by to where I live, summers have already arrived and leaving the house without your shades is just not possible. Sitting in the front seat (of a car) without them is like third degree self abuse; if such a thing does exist.The sun is way too strong for naked eye viewing you know. Plus, shades provide the perfect social armor, so walking out of the house without them is suicide in every way.
Anyway, I know I cannot get a new pair of shades since I bought two pairs of the same one last year, and I am unbelievably loyal to them and they have answered all my sunglasses prayers, and they fulfill all my needs on every level. However, if I were to ever wander - I would pick the A Morir floral ceramic sunglasses.
As we know florals and pastels are a huge trend for the summers.If you don't want to look like a garden, and would like to downplay the whole thing and just have one accessory (such a cute one at that) dedicated for the trend, then these shades are the answer.Ofocurse, you could pick a shoe or a bag too, but these are way cooler.  At the same time, if you want to go completely over the top, then again these shades are the answer. Floral pants, with contrasting floral top, and then these sunglasses to cap it all off and push it over the edge. Could be amusing.

  I just think they're really cute, very different from anything you will ever see on anyone (on a random day to day basis) ,and I can assure you that you'll probably be the only owner of these in this city. I'd jump if  I could. The flowers are made out of ceramic, and as seen- they are also available in black. The Phillips (half covered) retail at $250 at the a-morir site, and the Cass (fully covered) retail at $400. My first choice would be the Cass in the pastels; they're just so pretty.

In a perfect world I'd wear them on a saturday , while walking to a fabulous terrasse lunch place like this:

Dress:Zara , Sandals: Zara , Necklace: Dannijo , Wristlet: Olympia le Tan

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