Monday, 30 April 2012

Congratulations! The World Has Officially Gone Nuts

You know how I've been harping on about the world having lost the plot semi-entirely, and the media and technology being responsible for it. Well, ofcourse we humans are responsible for it ultimately, but media and tech have increased the speed and expanse of it ten-fold. Really. They have.
 The way we think, the way we comprehend words, things, situations, occurrences, social ineractions, personal relationships; every single thing has been programmed in our minds. Every form of communication ( an ad, an article online, fb, blah blah) has certain resonative (I know its not a real word) value that comes back and makes its existence in our minds apparent through one way or the other. The collective cohabitation of these various messages form a mindset which is more or less similar to everyone else's. I don't mean that we have the same opinion about the same things, no- of course not.That's never the point. That's the job of society.
A dialogue is initiated, and a debate ensues . The opinions are not the important part, what's important is that the  subject of discussion remains the same. Thats what we are being essentially driven to by the media(and technology as aide) . We are told what to talk about, what to think about; what is important.So on, so forth.
 I can never meet a girl in this city who will not eventually delve into the topic of her body and weight, and how she is so fat and needs to lose weight. What's worse is guys have kinda jumped on the same band wagon too. So unattractive.
 Its what I hear most of the time and consequentially- its what I think about most of the time.
Do I want to be thinking about it all the time? No
Do I necessarily care to change the way I look? Not really.
But can I help feeling like I should? No.

Now my real topic of discussion is seemingly harmless, and you know what- I'll give it up that it actually might be. But at the same time, the concept is ludicrous.When I  was reading about the thing( which I shall reveal shortly) I managed to retain my 'WTH' face for the entire time. That's how psycho it is (and also because its a very short piece).  I quickly scrolled down to the comments section thinking people must have bashed the hell out of this article and butchered the author since she sounded quite pro the entire thing, and the entire internet community must have unleashed the deadly wrath of the bloody Monday on her and be like wth-has-the-world-come-to, how-ignorant-are-we? But nope, people loved the idea (the few that had commented) . Which effectively rules me out as the odd one out, and hence a weirdo.
That's okay. I really don't mind.
While scouring through the internet as usual looking for interesting stuff, I found this article about new puppy dating sites. What? Am I missing something here? Since when do puppy dating sites exist? and why? and  again...why? whats wrong with people. Why is everyone out to faggify every thing that exists in his universe. The writer, Julie Spira, ends her little piece with the line "Shouldn't our devoted four-legged friends have an opportunity to find love online?"

No your four legged friend should run away from you. 

What does this entail? dates in the park or something like that.
"We buy high-end purses such as the JCLA Boutique's Rescue Mefor our dogs to reside in while driving around town. We schedule neighborhood dog walks, and dress our pets in outfits and booties worth being viewed on Rodeo Drive"

I don't get it if this is for real or like one of those satirical pieces that I''m not getting. Does this not sound weird. Is it not bad enough that we are constantly being bombarded with a thousand insecurities we apparently should be nurturing? do we need our dogs 'attractiveness' or 'popularity' to be one of them too? Do we need to subject our dog's to such b.s? Theyr'e dogs. They are happy in their own life. They find dogs to 'date' very easily. Take them to a doggie park.
Dogs are not half as uptight ,picky and choosy as us, and that's cos they don't have to put with precisely this kinds b.s online. I have the example of Don and Cocoa in front of me; they're a very happy twosome who have recently discovered their genders and are enjoying it quite a bit I hear.Somebody should.

Don and Cocoa: The epitome of doggy happiness.

Will we really not spare anyone? Not even animals?  Really. And its not that I don't think dogs dont deserve the attention. Of course they do, but in a more wholesome way.Play with them. Tickle them. Talk to them.  but don't go all prissy- Mr.Cuddles has gained weight, or he's having a mid-life crisis kinda way.
I read up a bit about it ,and apparently its really bought to find a companion or a mate for your dog, so this really facilitates the process. But then don't say 'dogs looking for love' its just so sad. Leave something pure and untainted. No? Every being doesn't have to be this big ball of feelings , desires and needs and nothing else.I don't know what up with making everyone 'sensitive' and more self-aware. IMO its not alway a great thing to be so 'in touch with your feelings'. In a world where everything is transcendental and fleeting; you have to allow yourself to feel the same way. Can't always classify yourself, put yourself in a box and remain their forever- because you will get bored, and change is the very essence of life. Same goes for your dog. Stop being as arrogant as to decide that their needs mirror yours. Just cos you are looking for love, doesn't mean they are too. What if they just want to play? But no Mr. Cuddles  psycho owner has decided it time  he got himself a gf. And know this the owner of  Mr.Cuddles is just fulfilling his/her own wants/needs. Living vicariously through his/her dog. Next we know they'll be teaching them how to do it ------ -----.


Also,  I'm  wondering what kind of flirting do these 'dogs' partake in on their doggie dating sites? . I can totally imagine these owners interacting with other owners while adopting their dog personas ( cos lets face it, they see their dogs as extended personas of themselves/ or how they would want themselves to be)


Maybe I'm just being too big of a hater, and should be more open to this, or at least accept people who may find these sites helpful  or fulfilling- but, I dunno, I guess I'm just tooo narrow minded for these things. Maybe if they didn't make it sound so emo,and be more like hey looking for a dog for my pup to play with while I tan in the park , and I'd be like haye sweet. But ' four-legged friend looking for love'  just makes it sound WE-IRD.

Here's the article: Puppy Love: New Online Dating Sites for Dogs

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