Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Givenchy: Always something to write home about

 I know I really bashed the chocolate browness of some of the pieces- but to give credit where its due, do you know how much work went into it? I swear if it was in any other color I may have possibly desired it. It has been made outta 2 crocs/alligators. Each little pelt was taken apart, meticulously numbered and then sown on in its exact place onto tulle. It took like 350 hours. JUST IMAGINE. See that's the thing with Tisci, he goes into painstaking detail. The craftsmanship and the handiwork is like legendary you know. Each piece is perfection personified.Like who would think of apart crocodile skin and then placing it back together exactly where it was? Ive said this before,and I'll say it again, Tisci's dedication to his craft and vision is devtional, like a prayer. What could be a better homage to God himself?

 Look at this one, gorgeous na? Like liquid gold. Tisci keeps his presentations extremely low key, with no drama as we are used to with Lagerfeld's Chanel shows, and I think its works becuase whatever emotion that is required for us to feel ; amazement, joy, excitement, admiration, overwhemedness- the clothes do the job to a T. We don't need to be told that  we are in a different place to admire his clothes, the clothes do the job of transporting us to a magical neverland . We don't need the glitz and the glmaour. We don't want any distraction when we are looking at a Riccardo Tisci creation.

 My favorite. Just look at the cut. How amazing.

Same goes for this one. Love the Palazzo pants.

Blown away?

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