Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Alexander McQueen, always a pleasure.

  I could very easily say that I've loved McQueen since his first collection and have been a worshipper ever since, performing strange rituals in the name of fashion and McQueen. But that would be a lie. I knew of his work, vaguely, and how he was hailed a true genius-but the only thing that I remembered him for for the longest time were those skull-print scarves which were all the rage a few years back, and still continue to be. It wasn't until this May when I got the chance to visit Alexander McQueen's retrospective, "Savage Beauty" at the Met in New York that I fully started understanding how truly magnificent , and gifted of an individual he was. His collections were never just "clothes", they were much more than that, art pieces each one of them. From his shoes, to his jewelry, to his head pieces,dresses etc. everything he did was a philosophical concept materialized through fashion,and in fashion  but never just "fashion". I could go on, but I'm afraid this post is already longer than it needed to be, and I haven't even gotten to the resort collection. Sarah Burton, the creative designer of McQueen, is doing a commendable job. She has kept that crazy ,genius aesthetic of  McQueen, but added her own element as well making it more wearable, and adding this element of royalty to it- and im not saying that because Kate Middleton  wore it to her wedding.These are my favorite two looks of the season.

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