Friday, 30 September 2011

Naeem Khan - What a skirt!

How cool is this skirt? It so loud, and fairy-tailish and so unapologetic about its boldness and brightness. The cinched waist and the exaggerated volume display such great chemistry together. Not to mention the beautiful bodice. The beaded, shimmery gold top is subtle and elegant balancing out the brashness of he skirt. Great outfit. Although I'd love to wear the pink skirt with just a white tank /tube/cropped tee. Maybe even a dirty grey one with studded black belt.

Tangerine has been on my mind for the entire summers.So I loved these dresses. I love the gold embroidery on the left on, it so sexy, but not like over the top , "only-a-starlet-can-wear-it-to-her-movie-premier-type" you now? I hate that. So annoying. This one , I could maybe wear someday when I get the money to afford it, and am not living in Pakistan anymore so can start investing in beautiful gowns and dresses because there would be occasions to wear it.
How hot is the skirt in the second outfit on the right? With that thigh high slit and tight pleating around the waist.Yum. Its polished and sexy, but has the element of not being tailored to the T, so adds this non-chalant summer vibe to it.

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