Thursday, 29 September 2011

Savage Love

Nope, this isn't about the Alexander McQueen's exhibition that I previously mentioned in this space. Its the name of a column in a Seattle Publication called ' The Stranger'. Dan Savage is the editor at The Stranger and he has been writing a weekly relationship and sex advice column for like the past twenty years or so. He is hilarious, I look forward to his column every week, and most of his advice is really, really good. He doesn't squirm around the issue and say crap like most advice columnists do about being patient, working it out and i dunno- fairy tale-ish stuff.He calls it like he sees it, and isn't afraid to call someone who is being a douche a douche. In my opinion his greatest gift to mankind is the invention of the term " DTMFA" - a piece of advice he is famous for giving. What does it mean? Google it.
I've attached a link below for those who don't know about him to get acquainted. FYI- the link below is for his letter of the day, which he blogs. The column is separate and can be found on the site as well.
He's kinda cute too btw, too bad he's gay and happily partnered.

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