Thursday, 29 September 2011

Va-Va- Vaccarello

 Anthony Vaccarello was this year's ANDAM prize winner, chosen by a panel that included Emmanuelle Alt,  Martin Margiela, and Christopher Lemaire. This was his first season at Paris Fashion week , and I've got to say- the confidence in his designs speaks volumes of his skill. Uber-sexy, flesh-baring, and entirely unapologetic about its boldness; this collection is for the brave.
 I love this top. I'd totally wear it, so interesting.
 I know these are really bare, and cut from every place imaginable, very few women would actually wear them- but structurally the composition is quite intriguing. Like fabric sculptures- it would be interesting to see the tailoring , and how the dress on the far right is being kept in one piece no?
 I love the metal detailing in this one. The thing wire frames. Powerful, bold yet delicate.
Nice dress. Possibly the more wearable pieces for us commoners without super-modelesque bods.

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