Friday, 30 September 2011

They took away everything. They even took away my weekend.

Today has been a real shitty day. Like seriously up here with the worst. From the time that I found out that I would have to retake a stupid Fibres theory exam, to the day when Salman my trusty travel agent screwed up my flight, to the day that I found out that Montreal wouldn't be the same any more and neither would I.
I love working. Why you may ask. Well I love having to wake up to something, and some sort of a vague direction and purpose in my life even if it ain't all that. And I love that I have a good work ethic- its something I never imagined myself to have. But the best part is, that when the weekend comes, I feel like I really deserve it. Like its MINE. only mine. The feeling I get on a Friday is incomparable to anything else I feel these days. And today, my weekend has been officially taken away from me. Our office is now going to be open Saturdays as well.I have no idea wtf this universe is upto, and why my favouritest thing in my life is being taken away from me.
If I kill myself, nobody can blame me.

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