Friday, 17 February 2012

Cosa's Custard is Heaven Inducing.

 I woke up today with a distinct memory of one of my favorite foods (Lahore edition) in my mouth.
Let me tell you first that it has been a while since that has happened.
Like a whiiilllle.
I can only substantiate that "while" by giving examples of other things that haven't happened in a while, but I'm not sure I want to delve into that right now. Or ever. I have taken a vow of positivity today, fresh early in the morning- and I cannot sway so early in my promise-ten minutes would be a new record low for vows that didn't last, and I ain't one to set records you know.
Anyway... so I woke up wanting to have custard from Cosa.
I know, I know its not half as indulgent or extravagant as other food loves of mine(actually that's a lie I don't have much love for extravagant foods, I love cheap, run of the mill fixes- most of the time).But trust me, this is as decadent and homey as anything will ever get.I promise you.
I first discovered the custard a long, long time ago- it used to be (still is) served with the Chocolate Bombe(or is it molten cake? I dunno, somehow we always have called it the chocolate bombe; not sure). My mother loves(/d ?)that dessert, and I guess so did the rest of us because whenever we'd go there,it was a for-sure order, no matter how stuffed we were. The CB is served in a gorgeous, yellow-white, thick pool of custard. After having the dessert about fifty times, I realized that I had no real feelings for the CB itself, but the custard was something that would make my shoe laces untie on their own. I started asking the waitstaff to get us extra custard with the dessert- and at many a times, the generous people would actually provide us with a bowlful of just custard. I am not proud or ashamed to admit that I had no trouble in finishing that bowl. It was pure fate;  I was predestined to surrender to custard with every last taste bud that dotted my tongue and never care about calories when consuming it, or even regret it after it was all had and done. Like any half-decent forbidden love, consequences that threatened to make themselves evident in the vague promise of the future did not hold a flame to the all encompassing, soul completing, gorgeously intoxicating thrills of the present.
Future be damned.
Heartbreak be damned.
Skinny jeans be damned.
Yes. It really is that good.
If you refuse to believe it, ask my friend KingKong. It changed her life.  She frequently names me as the single most influential person in her life  (and has thus given me the nickname "infy" ), due to the fact that I introduced her to the custard on a hot, bleak, summer day when all seemed lost.

What's so good about this particular custard? I don't know. Its probably that they use Vanilla Pod rather than fake extract.Tbh, I didn't have a custard and jelly filled childhood like most people- infact that ad of Rafhan Jelly/Custard which showed people having them together was positively revolting. Like seriously.As a kid, and a fat kid at that, there were very few desserts/food items that could turn me off- but that one did.Speaks volumes. So to me, custard is still a fairly new delicacy. Some others who have tried it compare it to Cerelac. I don't remember what cerelac tastes like, so can't comment much about that. But I swear to you, its like an explosion of happiness in your month.It is mind numbing, soul warming, joy-in-my-mouth, feel sooo good awesome. There is a word for it,  that people use time and over again for food which I abhor the use of in that regard, and so have taken a promise to never use it in terms of food (preferably only for the actual thing itself), but faced with the dilemma of describing this custard to you, I have never found a word more apt for the feeling it induces. I may even go so far as to say its the closest identical you will ever find to that feeling as a result of feeding. Since I take my promises to my own self  very seriously, I find myself incapable to use the word. But trust me. Its heaven inducing.

Just last week I made a few more of my friends try it. They swooned and oohed and aahed.Asked me how I discovered it. Told them I was a natural pioneer. There must be some truth to what I'm saying.
I usually go and ask them for just custard, not with the dessert or anything like that. Just plain custard. They will be happy to oblige Do it. Today.Drop some at mine.

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