Monday, 27 February 2012

No Skinny Man Has an Ounce of Sex Appeal

I found the craziest vintage ads today while looking for something completely not related to vintage ads. You gotta love the randomness of Google image search.

The power of the media, how it talks to us, cajoles us, converts us is inherently Luciferian.Its something I talk about time and time again.Media, coupled with the advent and unspeakable progress of technology, the unnavigable expanse of the  internet, human beings have come very close to becoming experimentation rats/hamsters/other animals that belong in this category.Our opinions reflect what we are being told to think by opinion makers. I have almost bi-weekly epiphanies regarding this issue that result to panic attacks since I've never wanted to be a rat.I'm an 88 born. 88 borns are Dragons, 87 borns are Rats. I ain't no rat.

Anyway, moving on, (sorry for the lecture but it is necessary for me to keep going back to it) apparently being skinny in the late 30s was close to being a leper. Howw eird na? Today you are a leper for being the opposite of that.

I remember when I was younger I exclusively  liked only skinny guys.Of course  not tooo too skinny ( I have an example in my office, if you start staring at him its hard to stop- his ability to walk around without snapping limbs is a constant source of amazement ), but not much flesh or muscle worked.
It was pretty easy to develop crushes back in the day due to this, since boys are barely buff during their teenage years. Pot bellies usually strike in college, never to return form where they came from. There was no real reason for this, but in retrospect it probably had to do something with leaner boys looking taller than the not-so-leans.Then I grew up, and realized acha, no, I didn't love skinny as much and some poundage went  a long way, and so the preference passed.
What I'm trying to tell you is that at one point they were the preference, they were the type. So the ads that I came across were really amusing, because,seemingly the guys in the olden times were being fed a serious case of insecurity. Like look at them, becharay-the ads are downright horrid, and so misleading. Imagine 10 year olds reading them. Having said that it refreshing to see boys having body complexes, or rather being targeted for body complexes. Otherwise its just us girls.
I must confess thought that I love that the ads are so anti-skinny. It seems comical that they were printed in all seriousness at any point in the same world we live in. How times change.
Seems so out of place in the world we live in now na? even for guys? yes, guys are told to be buff, but their self esteem isn't metaphorically stoned to death for lacking some chubs (its called muscle). Infact, some fashion you see these days is made just for skinny boys like skinny jeans ( hint hint non-skinny boys)

 So what does all this mean?
It means that real sex appeal can only be accounted through diligently checking the scale and pumping iron, and reading books.

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