Monday, 20 February 2012

Beautiful People is Blah

I spent my entire work day (well, there are still two hours remaining) reading one of my recent purchases form the liberty book fair (also located conveniently at my work place), and after starting and finishing the book in this duration, I am quite underwhelmed- A bit disappointed to be honest.
Beautiful People is written by Simon Doonan, you may remember me going positively nuts about him when I discovered him- he's fabulously gay, and is equipped with the best gay-accessory, a rasor sharp tongue and a flair for drama. Or at least that's what I thought. After reading the book, I've kinda been left high and dry.
I think my expectations from the book were just plain wrong. I found Doonan's book in the sale section, and I was over the moon to find anything Doonan at all in Lahore, let alone in the sale section as well. I expected it to be full of little quips and theatrics that I could perhaps lift and pass of as my own- like I do with Jack from Will and Grace. Yeah, no luck.
This was more of a anecdotal autobigraphy of Doonan himself and his family. Infact, you can't even call it an autobiography- more like a compilation of memorable people and occurrences in his life, especially his early and formative years,and his family- cute but not half as funny and cantputitdown-able as I thought it would be.Well okay, maybe I didn't expect it to be an addictive read- but I did think it would be funnier,sharper and much more entertaining.I feel nothing. Am glad to have finished the boo so I can start the others now.

I feel bad for being anything less than supportive of the book, I do- and honestly I did learn a bit from the book ( I found out what 'camp' is), but the disappointment of not writing even one thing down in my little dp is unexpected. Its been a while that I have read something that I haven't taken something away from.I think "Gay Men Don't Get Fat" will be much much better, but am backtracking from my intent to order it online (guilt!) Will probably read it in Chapters over a few days the next time I'm there.
If you are looking for a light read, go for this. Seriously. And Simon's childhood is indeed funny. Like actually funny.and brave He lives in a  nut-house, he is in awe of his mother- he was as he himself puts it pretty "common" , and obviously people have appreciated the book enough that it has been adapted into a series of the same name by BBC. So maybe I'm  just looking for Jack in every gay man accept of anyone else who is a little less-how shall I put it; camp. 
 (told you I learned a new word, even used it in a sentence)

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