Thursday, 16 February 2012

Favourite Oversized Tees

We all have those days when something seems to be amiss; you can't exactly point the cause out, but you just know- that something is a bit loopy. Yes? you get it na? And then- you find your favorite t-shirt in the world, or former favorite t-shirt and immediately you think - there it is!! that's whats been missing.
Haina? That does happen na? it happened to me last night so I know this feeling is very real.
  I was going through old pictures and one of my favorite tees made an appearance, looking all pristine and new since at that point it had been newly bought. I looked at it with love and wondered where it was - it had been a while since I'd seen it last but not long enough that I could proclaim it lost and gone forever.
Oh well.
Next picture, next thought.
Later in the evening I was rummaging through my closet to find something else and guess what I find ? Yep, my former favorite tee which is now clawing its way in my heart to regain its lost title. It wont be hard. Plus its a good half a decade old now, so its reached the optimum level of softness; when it starts feeling like your own skin. I love that. It has stood the test of time well, and I guess so have I because it remains as loose, and non-constricting and non-threatening as ever.Almost.
Favorite tees; the ones you have worn for sleep, gym, classes sometimes all  for days till no end are at time the most comforting items of clothes any person can ever live to own. You know? They carry a sort of history with them. For example the tee that I'm wearing abhi- I look at it and can think of six different memorable incidents or conversations surrounding it. So the tee,mixed with countless conversations, memories, and of course, love are like giant hugs- especially if you wear them after a long time. And if you have lost weight since the last time, and they seem bigger and you feel smaller in them- even better. But the real moment that you you truly realize their worth is when you've spent the entire evening in a tight ,.blood constricting, bone crushing outfit which demands that you acknowledge its existence in every little step you take- like say, Veronica from Archie Comics and then you come home and change into an old,battered tee that  thrives in giving you comfort and asks for nothing in return except the silent love you emanate for it the moment you put it on and take your first proper breath in what seems like a lifetime.

These days my fav tee is a grey one, it huge and soft and very easy to break into.
My dream is to get my hands on a XXXL tee.

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