Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fall Fashion Weeks 2012

Obviously you know that fall fashion weeks have been taking place. First, as custom, it was New York, and now its London's turn.Also Wills India Fashion Week has also been taking place.Next should be Paris/ Milan so on so forth/
Since I am only human, and not too fabulous these days when it comes to blogging (sinusy, bored and reading) , I cannot possibly post about every show, or every show I even like. Somehow I haven't been moved to write about any of them , even though have appreciated quite a few.

The one that caught me most off -guard uptil now is Michael Kors. Ive never considered him to be a real powerhouse when its comes to fashion since his designs tend to be too American- i.e, nothing jaw dropping- also possibly because he appears on Project Runway, and how dedicated can a designer be if he has been appearing regularly  on reality television for years? But his fall 2012 collection was wonderful, wonderful. Yes it lacked all the fantasicalness that makes me say yeh hui na baat in typical Indian joint family member fashion , but honestly I kinda appreciated it because some shows are so OTT in their drama, that the clothes just end up getting lost in the concept. He actually made me want to wear plaid- something that I have avoided like the plague up til lnow.He made me want to wear red, something that I have considered a cheap trick ever since it became bigger than its own good back in 2000. No mean feat. And the fur...mouth watering. Thank God I am not an animal enthusiast, or anti-fur/vegan.
Apparently after this show, Micheal Kors company's shares had risen by 27 percent.I get it.
Btw, not to be a snitch or anything but the red MK has used is dangerously close to Valentino's red. Myabe its that our eyes have been thirst for that red, since the team at Valentino has forgotten about it.

Marchesa, ever so loyal to its own self, was angelic, ethereal, lace, tulle, chiffon, and dream like. Angel like purity and innocence mixed with royal embellishments and detailing. Contrasting with MK, which is really, for every woman- and people can find occasions to wear those pieces (like everyday), Marchesa collection was something that most of us morals can only dream of wearing, and that too only once. Having said that, it doesn't take away from the fact that they were undeniably gorgeous.All the while I was cursing Blake Lively because I know she'll  be wearing the best ones in shorter versions. Btw, I totally condone being a gold digger/ or being a Saudi/Arab prince's fourth wife if it means you will get the occasions and the cash for such finery. Should totally go for it.

Naeem Khan is one designer I really look forward to, time and over again. First I love that he has made it big in an international market ( um...Michella Obama wore him), and I love spotting the desiness in his collections. His fall collection was inspired by the bindi- which is literally a dot. The bindi personifies many  things in Inidan/Hindu culture, none of which are my concerns abhi, but his materialization of the concept in his collection is beautiful. Seriously. Yes in some places you think, who're you kidding bro its a polka dot, but at other time you see where the 'bindiess' comes in. Maybe I'm looking too much into it. In any case, I loved most of the collection. Obviously would love to wear, cannot wait to see who wears what at the Oscars- and I will kill someone if i don't see an appearance of the finishing number; It was made for goddesses, and the Oscars- it is wowww. I would've like to see some color. This collection is primarily black, and then a little bit white, and then some metallic- but NK, being an Indian and all can handle his colors really well. But maybe he wanted it to be more somber- since its fall/winter?

Cushnie et Ochs- are my recent interests, so wanted to see what they are upto. Apparently nothing very itnersting. The dresses, were figure hugging , curve enhancing with nips and cuts in appropriate/inappropriate places, and plastic surgeon type markings (apparently it is inspired by the movie The Skin I live In). Did I fall in love? No. Would I buy soemthing from there? perhaps, the dresses seem to have the potential to fit your body like a glove and transform you into a ________, and we all like to have the option to feel that way if the occasion/mood ever calls for it.

Prabal Gurung, also a recent interest wowed my mind like you cannot imagine in his spring 2012 RTW collection. The pants, the colour, the cut outs, the paint spills- it was a blessing. So obviously my expectations were quite high for PG f/w 2012. Obviously the moment you expect anything, you should also prepare yourself for disappointment because unfortunately that is just the way humans\ minds run. Its annoying.
In this collection,  PG went more black, and less bright. Obviously- since its fall.winter that is to be expected. I loved some of his silhouettes. I loves the bootleg pants with short dresses/tops. Ive been wanting that look to enter the scene for a while now, so it was a great pleasure to finally see it come. The print dresses in blue were lovely, the funnest and most unexpected item on the runway was the embellished sweatshirt which I must-must have, and towards the end the gowns ,in black and white with laser cut embellishments were just lovely. I read somewhere that the last pieces were too Tisci-inspired; maybe they were, but I love all things Tisci- so the more the merrier. This would probably be cheaper as well.Maybe I could afford it without having to become the fourth wife, so why not.

I'll be posting more pictures from the collections in the coming few days...these are just my preferences. 

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