Sunday, 26 February 2012

Magical Marchesa-II

 Marchesa is under fire. Just FYI you know.
There are a few sites that I've recently started browsing and man they hate Marchesa! why?? I mean I usually think that the dresses are fabulous. Just look at the liquid gold one below, its pretty special. The bodice fits like a dream and the rose like gathering on the hip is pretty interesting as well. The negaters say that most of Marchesa's gowns are heavily inspired by elaborate night wear, and well one of the pieces below definitely looks like that, but at the same time most of their gowns show great craftsmanship and artistry. Yes, maybe they are too puffy and princessy for some to like, but that still does not justify the amount of hate and anger its haters seem to feel at its designs.I know, I know, it seems pretty mean spirited to have such negative introduction to a beautiful collection (at least I think so), and introductions by nature are so supposed to be lavished with praise and all that, but I just wanted you guys to feel the same way as I did when seeing the collection. I wanted you to keep in mind as well that a lot of people seem to think that Marchesa pulls really gimmicky stuff each and every time for its collection and if knowing that changes the way you see the collection Weirdly enough I don't. the only pissing of thing about Marchesa is that you know Blake Lively will wear it like its her own closet. Annoying.

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