Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Flavor Trippin'

So I didn't know about this till a few days ago, but the coolest thing in the world has been common knowledge to atleast some residents of the world since the eighteenth century.
Apparently there is such a  thing as 'flavor tripping', and there are flavor tripping parties held pretty rampantly in the US, where people come - and well, trip out on flavors.
Flavor tripping? Well there is a miracle berry- that has been common knowledge to people in West Africa- that makes sour things taste sweet!. How cool na? Its soooo Willy Wonka its not even funny. I wonder if Roald Dahl knew about it when he wrote the story himself. I don't know what would be cooler. If he did or didn't. If he did, then it was a great starting point for his novel,and he pushed the concept to such great extents., that it made us think that everything in the book was pure fantasy .If not, then it means that things we think exist only in our imagination could very well be a part of reality, and we just don't know about them- yet.
Anyway coming back to the berry, it contains  a glycoprotein called Miraculin that binds itself to your taste buds and makes sour things taste sweet. How does it do that? Well the exact cause  is currently unknown, one theory is that miraculin works by distorting the shape of sweetness receptors so that they become responsive to acids, instead of sugar and other sweet things. The effect lasts for 15–60 minutes.
Apparently the effects are enthralling, people drink tabasco straight out of the bottle thinking it tastes like Doughnut Glaze. Yep Doughnut Glaze. Goat Cheese tastes like cheese cake. How fun is that?? Definitely worth a try. I'm really intrigued. Next time I'm in that part of the world I'm definitely going to get around to one of these parties.The berries are availableonline to buy (they're expensive), and are also available in tablet form (made from dehydrated berries) on amazon. Yeah! so its not like its illegal or anything ( come on, they are available on amazon!) Also supposed to be good for diabetics, and playing pranks on people.
I can't wait.
FYI- I tried ordering the tablets online, but they don't deliver outside of the US. How sucky. Can you imagine how easy it would be to be on a diet with this?

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