Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Importance of Carrying Scarves

A friend recently asked me to write a post about the different ways to wear a scarf.
I told her I was as clueless as the next person since I do not wear scarves much. Well I do sometimes, but I have only one way of wearing them- hanging loose around my neck. That's pretty much the only way I like them. I never even wore them in the winters in Montreal since I find them to be a little suffocating. Its called the closed-neck syndrome. I suffer from that. Only recently have I even tried to work through it, and opened up to turtle necks- and that too for purely aesthetic purposes, not practical ones. I dunno, constriction around the neck makes me feel uncomfortably warm and most annoyingly itchy. My neck needs its breathing space. However, necklaces dont irk me in the slightest.
Anyway, while attempting to look for different ways of wearing a scarf I started thinking about why anybody would ever need to wear a scarf, or well what its benefits are. After thinking about it for a good five minutes, I came to the conclusion that I had in fact been living my life on the edge by not carrying a scarf with me at all times. Really. Ive realized its one of the most handy things you can ever carry in your life. Like a Swiss knife. Bus. Now I will make it my new bff.  Let me tell you why

1. Handy if you are on a vacation in the summers.You are wearing something skimpy or baring your shoulders- you  will not be allowed to enter most religious sites be it temples, mosques, churches etc. The scarf acts as an instant shoulder/cleavage cover. 
2.  Blowdried hair. Rain. Scarf- lifesaving instant umbrella
3. You are wearing something off, and all of  a sudden there is an impromptu plan to go out (dinner/drinks/bar/club/pool-side fun)... scarf- instant bandeau top/halter top. Additionally long scarf= short mini.
4. You are in trouble/emergency , short on cash/have no cash (example: you are out of cash and are too tired to walk home and want to take the metro) - you sit down on the street and spread out your scarf; somebody is bound to throw a tooney, or you are bound to collect enough quarters/dimes/nickels for whatever it is that you need.
5. Instant belt.
6. You never know when you may want to hide your face out of embarassment.
7.You never know when you may want to commit suicide or kill somebody.
8. Because pervs do not appear with a warning and sometimes they are your friends.
9. Hair-tie. Head band.
10. You may just save someone from falling off a cliff.
11. You absolutely need to hide, and you can't start running in the opposite direction. Cover your face with the scarf and you're just another weirdo on the street.
12. You never know when you might need to drop down to your knees and pray.
Imagine, if something happens- good or bad and you feel the need to pray because that seems like the only way to guarantee the desired result.Do you really want to be stopped because you didn't have something to cover your head with? If you don't get it, would you be able to live with yourself?
13. Because we are human and we spill stuff on our clothes and we need to cover it.
14. Its the closest thing you have to a parachute during an emergency landing. Hey! you never know, it might just save your life.
15.Because there is a belly dancer hiding in all of us and we might need to channel her when the occassion calls for it, and no belly dancer worth her salt dances without her scarf.
16. How else do you do the Ati ka kya Khandala dance?
17.Because sometimes people just dont stop talking/because you don't want 'I'm just saying this for your own good/I'm just trying to help' advice and you are to polite to say shutup, but worked up enough to gag fold them.
18. You may run into a celeb and autographs on paper are sooo passe. So not environmentally friendly. Autographed scarves on the other hand are adorable.
19. You are being asked to do something you really dont want to do, you can tie your hands with a scarf and tell the person ' I can't,my hands are tied'. Lame joke, but good topic changer.
20. Blindfold.

I'm sure there are more- I can't finish this list because I need to get some work done before chutti time which is in ten minutes. Anyway, I found the different ways to wear scarves. I think all of them are cute- I'm highlighting the looks  that I can imagine you* pulling off really well. There is only one style I absolutely detest and  it breaks my heart to see people I love wear that style. But oh well- I guess it was a trend, and trends are meant to be forgiven.


For you:


Other ways that look real nice as well

I know this is not practical, but wowww it looks so cool

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