Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spring Ad Campaigns-II

The spring ad campaigns keep rolling out, and while there are way too many for me to post all of them, some of  them are too lovely to ignore.Also, since they are related to advertising which is my day occupation,I can justify spending alot of time fooling around on the web as 'work' or 'research'.
You know what's really amazing? How fashion advertising is so vastly different from the normal everyday advertising we all witness in our day to day life. The most obvious difference, of course, is the absence of copy, although I do feel at times it would make it quite interesting if there were some copy- just because it would be so unexpected. Additionally  there is no discernible evidence of factors like brand positioning, target audience, usp etc etc we think about when coming up with an ad campaign, at least not that way I am accustomed to seeing it. Most usually its just about the feel- and of course making the label look as tempting as it can- and that is brand positioning in the fashion world. Labels/collections/campaigns position themselves  in terms of 'look' more than anything else; hedonistic ,voyeuristic, realistic,romantic- its all about the feel, and how their target audience wants to see themselves.Mind you, barring some labels, most of them have pretty similar clothes aside from a few signature label specific details. The garments themselves in pret lines are quite inter changeable- but then again, its how we have been conditioned to view a brand that makes all the difference in the world (at least in our head). Don't believe me?  go shopping with a guy- you'll know.

Okay this post has gone in a much different vein than I originally intended on.Check the new additions out, I obviously love all of them that's why they are here. The Alexander McQueen campaign especially is fantastic because it is so ethereal. Also it reminds me of the Kate Moss Hologram thingie.

                                                  Ethereal: Alexander Mcqueen
                                   Model :Zuzanna Bijoch    Photographer : David Sims


Sensual: Prabal Gurung
M: Candice Swanepoel   P: Daniel Jackson

 Floral/Spring Bloom: Stella McCartney
M: Natalia Vodianova    P: Mert and Marcus

Fun/flirt/youthful: Blumarine
M: Vika Falileeva  P: Sebastian Faeena  

                                                      Artsy/ Bohemian/ Quirky : Missoni
                                                                 P: Jurgen Teller

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