Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is It Possible to Say Goodbye To Cake Ever? Apparently

I have'nt blogged for a bit- and that's because I haven't come across anything worth sharing. I mean yes, I have but its the same ol' things you know? The thought of writing about them makes me yuck. I've come across these fab shoes that I must have- but then again, how many shoes can I expect you to look at and sympathize with me for not being able to afford them? Also, I've been quite occupied with absolute crap.And also, nothing interesting enough. Have I said that already? I have, have'nt I?
But today being the seventh day that I hadn't written anything, I felt the need to post something. With great strength and will power I managed peel myself away from going through Savage Love archives ( I found that the archives date all the way back till 1999 !!! There is no better way to kill company time), and do a lil ground work. If nothing else I'd post about those damn shoes. But then I came across yesterday's Metro newspaper which had been guest edited by Karl Lagerfeld. I'm sure you already know about it, and if not that then you know what he said in it:  KL called Adele "too fat" in the issue, which has been making media rounds since yesterday- what they forgot to mention is what he says next :"but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice" . How convenient for the media to leave that out.  Anyway, its got little tidbits and interviews of everything Karl, and Karl-approved.
He is quite the character waisey hee, so you expect him to give great quotes - and he does, but then I read something that managed to make me do a double take. Or at least read it again- I must have misread I initially thought.Now you know how I am pro-food pro-indulgent food,and how I believe food  greatly affects the quality of life.  This poses quite a challenge for me because I feel the same way about clothes as well.And you know how clothes and food are barely on speaking terms. Anyway...KL lost like eighty or hundred pounds around a decade ago, when he was 68 yrs old (yes, he's 78 right now), cos all of a sudden he wanted to wear sexier clothes. Yes. And whats more amazing it he did it in 13 months.

So what was the shocker? This comment about his diet:

"I haven't touched sugar, sweets, butter, cake, cheese — all of that — for more than 11 years, and I'm not even tempted. I’m beyond temptation. I think that's the best thing that can happen in life."

Can you believe it? Eleven years! How does that even happen? what do you even call that kind of will power? but then I think- you know he had a good 68 years before when he indulged in all those things. I guess after a certain point the cravings die? Nothing tastes new and divine anymore maybe?

Baffling. I don't know if I condone such behavior, because like I've expressed before, I don't think  life is worth living without cake. But I'm easily influenced by people I have never met, and if KL does it, it must be worth it.He sure is looking good. Can you believe he is 78, and is virtually unstoppable? Must be the will power.

So what it ultimately comes down to is will I be leaving cake at 68? Maybe.

But then I look at cakes like these, and its hard to imagine the craving will ever die.Espresso's red velvet cake has the best icing in the world. Seriously- it is out of this world extraordinary. Comes second only to the red velvet cake that converted me to someone who could stand (and now looks forward to) red-velvet cakes. Before I used to abhor them because I once had a bad experience with them. I never trusted red looking cakes anyway, and then the place I had it from for the first time  was probably vegan because it was disgusting.I told myself never again. In retrospect I am sure it must have been vegan. Whenever I returned from NY and people asked me oh did you go to Magnolia and have the red velvet cupcake? I'd think to myself that they those people were just wannabes who just joined in the hype of gushing "Magnolia, Magnolia, Red Velvet, Red Velvet"  without having any idea how disgusting red velvet in reality was.If they knew they'd never recommend. Then I had a life-changing, opinion altering red velvet cake and that was it. I still dream about it, as do my friends. Its very elusive, not even made to order, and thus so much more crave worthy. The icing is phenomenal. I want it now. I guess Espresso will have to do.

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