Monday, 9 January 2012

Gay Men Dont Get Fat

Simon Doonan is the creative ambassador at large of Barneys New York, which is possibly as cool as one can be in this life. I'm not sure what his exact job description would be, but I'm pretty it allows for him to roam about Barneys acting like he's the Queen with impossible sartorial sense, which I guess is what most of us aspire to in our meagre lives. Haina?

So today I came across a promo article about a recent book of his, Gay Men Don't Get Fat, which is an obvious play on a similarly titled book from 2005- French Women Don't Get Fat.  Doonan is apparently gayer then Christmas, which you can imagine is a source of unimaginable delight for me, as he might just end up being a real-life Jack. And you know about my boundless love for Jack, obviously.

I haven't read the book , yet, so can't offer you any wisdom there, but I've read some quotes and excerpts, and they truly are gems of the english language.

On Macarons

The gayest food has gotta be macarons. If you lived on macarons you’d explode in a nuclear cloud of gayness.

I can’t believe any red-blooded straight guy can even walk into a macaron shop. If you wanted to ruin a politician’s career, just publish a picture of him shopping for macarons 

Fun right? And I totally agree with what he has to take about being photographed. Seriously.

We live in an age where photo documentation is not just part of life, it is life. Any and all social gatherings are relentlessly filmed and YouTubed and snapped and Facebooked to the point where people do not even feel they exist unless somebody is lensing the moment.
Why are we doing this to ourselves? Cameras are not our friends. Photographs are brutal and unkind. They ricochet images in which we look three times fatter than we thought we were.

Once I have read the book , will share all sorts of fun quotes about it, but I think you should read it too. Have been reading real meaningful books, now am in the mood for the something light and frivolous. 
The first book of a new year should always be sunny.

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