Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mad Men Movie

Have you seen Mad Men's new poster?
I know its being subjected to all sorts of bs controversy regarding some apparent insensitive relevance to 9/11 and the Falling Man picture taken back then and apparently the internet is deeply hurt and what not. Its quite pointless so you don't really need to look it up. Just people looking for ainween type issues and being successful in finding them. Congratulations! Job Well Done. Now you can sleep easy knowing that you have accomplished nothing.
No bs controversy can taint my Mad Men glory.
Nope.Not even a little bit.

I personally think the poster is real cool. If you think duh she's gonna say that she's a raging fanatic, you are right.It would have to be real ugly or terrible for me to not like it, but thankfully, its neither of those.Its minimalistic, does'nt say much but the image isn't strangely resonant and instantly recognizable.Also very mystery inducing (mysterious?) if I may add.My favorite part is that in the poster, they haven't even written the name of the show, they've just written in their typical format the date that it will be premiering. Its really restrained you know? Is not overly eager etc. Just enough to pique your curosity and get you excited. A little teaser for all those of us who are dying to see the show return. I dunno about you, but the more I look at the poster the more I really like it.No?
Most most important. The premiere- is literally a movie. It will be  a two hour episode, which is longer than most movies- just think of it as most Oscar nominated films that seem to have no discernible beginning / moral of the story / happy ending- type of plot lines , know what I mean? If you've seen The Descendants you will know. And its not like two episodes sandwiched together , its just one really long episode i.e a movie. I can't wait...am thinking of throwing a Mad Men viewing party, but I'm afraid that there will be no viewing and just chattering and that kinda defeats the purpose. Or. or or or. I could keep it on the day its premiering March 25th, when it will not have premiered here in Pk but in honor if it happening soon enough.
 I can almost here the opening soundtrack.

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