Saturday, 10 December 2011

Body Aches and Paula Rego

I don't know what I did last night, or yesterday but hell, my entire body is in agony. From my head to my knees its like a non-stop train ride to aches and crakes. Especially my head. And my legs. And funny part is, I didn't do much last night- came home, worked out for the minimum-est time possible, went out in flats...I mean, my legs shouldn't be hurting at all...strange na?
And my head, let's not even.
So don't really feel like racking through my brain and writing.
But, I do want to show you two works of Paula Rego that I really like. Paula Rego is a Portuguese painter, and she's got a really distinctive style, very Frida Kahlo-ish, and slightly grotesque and unseemly at times, but magnetic nonetheless.

The Guardian, c.2008

Looking Out, c.1997
The Guardian is gorgeous obviously, no two ways about that, but its also has a high emotional content , at least that's how I feel. And I don't know how to explain why it has a resonance with me, or how its significant without being ----------- (don't have a word) , so I'm not going to try. Not today.
The second one, I've known for a while.I love the woman in Looking Out.I think the painting has got such a nice strain of humor in it. I love the pose, and I don't know how to explain this but since the first day I saw this painting, I've seen myself in that woman.In that clumsy, crude pose, and the lazy posture. I don't know why.Its not the best thing to say about yourself,or to associate your own self with- but I find it so amusing that even after all these years I still feel the same way. That woman still reminds me of myself. You know what? I'm going to ask my sister about it, and see if she agrees, and why.Will let you know.

Okay let's all say a silent prayer that I never, ever acquire the woman's body; everything else I can disguise.  

Time to go tend to the head ache.

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