Thursday, 22 December 2011


So, guess what great news I came across today, after mind you, yesterday having my hair dryer crash because of the load shedding/power fluctuation? Guess na.
A colleague at work informed me that our PM, payed Rs 7600 tax for 2011. Yes! can you believe it? Yousaf Raza Gilani , payed 7600 rupees for the ENTIRE year of 2011. Just imagine! I can't. I pay more tax than that!! me! I don't even believe in tax, and still I  pay more tax than him. And he pays 7 thou? he spends more breathing! His wife apparently has a diamond studded Birkin-Not that I'd want that, never, ew, talk about bad taste. But how can this be? Why is this not checked? Why can he get away with paying seven thou tax , when I can't get away with choosing where MY Islam Tax goes, or even If I want to pay Islam Tax. Ugh annoying.Is'nt that between me and God, rather than between me, God and the government?

Tbh, uptil now I reserved all my negativity regarding this country's situation carefully directed towards Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif. Gilani just seemed like a puppet, a non-entity who was somehow caught in the line of fire for reasons even he knew not. What a stupid I am. This was ignorance that only I can be blamed for. Of course not. He seemed sharif sa from the face, but obviously, if life has taught us anything its that the most seedha ones are most usually the biggest miscreants, as this sob has proved to us, and as every politician in this country teaches us everyday, lest we forget this vital piece of information and God Forbid start believing in the inherent good in all people. Because obviously, Pakistan is the devil's playground. Nowhere in the world, I believe can people be swayed so easily by their own selfish, inherently corrupt motives ( myself included) than here. Because here, goodness is all about appearances. Not what you do, but what you appear to do. How else, do we allow PM Gilani to pay Rs seven thou tax for the entire year? Just because he "appears" to have his earnings in agriculture.Everyone knows that's a lie. Its like being good isn't even an option anymore, which sucks, because as fun as bad is, we need something pure, clean and not dirty to go on. It's really disgusting. I hope to God that I never become so morally blind, I really do. Is'nt it so putting off?

I'm trying to think of the worst curse for him, but nothing could be bad enough, and I think why should I? He doesn't even deserve that. Just look at him. Trying to appear all decent, respectable man, when he's as black as the suit he's wearing. And hold, wth is that hand wave? Does he think  Prime Minister is a synonym for the Queen, or Miss Universe? Idiot. So stiff like a statue/ puppet. Omg, I saw this documentary recently about Satan Worshippers getting possessed by the devil himself. He so looks possessed! He acts possessed too.


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