Thursday, 29 December 2011

So many dilemmas na, I tell you

If you have been wondering why I've been so erratic with my posts since the past 4 days, I can tell you why.
I just can't seem to make this real important decision. See there is a choice between sunglasses or something else with that money. The something else that I have fallen for, head over heels,blindly,madly, are the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. They are just too cool. So all day, I am browsing online for cheaper versions of those, yet I can find none that are as perfect. I have found a few high street ones though that I am leaning towards because before long the excitement will die and I will have spent an awful lot of money on sneakers.
Mind you sneakers, esp wedge sneakers are doing quite well for themselves in the fashion world And I love the look. Well a few looks, and a few styles. There some that are so...I dunno, Queens, that they miss the entire purpose of it.
So how about, I post a few things that I like and you can help me decide make the ultimate choice?
Oh, btw, did I tell you- its not just a wedge. Its HIDDEN wedge.
Also, another reason why this problem has hounded me for this long is because I'm not a very comfortable online shopper. Just too many options to decide, tires your brain out. In real life you can just pick it up and stop looking for similar things, once you have found something you like. Here, you keep looking, maybe something else, maybe cheaper, maybe this, maybe that- and with 8work hours to window shop, you don't end up going for the kill for anything. By 4pm you're positively exhausted.
I know. Zindagi mushkil hai.

So my online shopping choices are:

1) The Originals
The Isabel Marant versions. Just look at them they look so comfortable and so cool. Just imagine with a pair of white jeans, or tights or even a dress. What fun na?? I'm dying to have them- but how? how can I justify such a lavish pair of sneakers. Although tbh, I'll probably wear it more than any other pair of shoes in my life cos theyd be so comfy. And I can imagine making them live for at least five years. Hmmmmm.Lots to think about.

Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant

 2) The Variation
Marc Jacobs sneaker wedge. Waisey, this really isn't in the running tbh, its just that its pretty cool as well- very 90s you know?See! this is how you get distracted.

Marc Jacobs

3)The Knockoffs
These are Ash hidden wedge sneakers. See this one comes pretty close to the originals I wanted above. The price is a third of the Isabel Marant ones, so...yeahhh
Also I like both the colors. Id probably go for the tangerine though, for that added thing, you know? To make them as less sneaker-ish as possible.I think these would be a good option to satisfy my enthusiasm for this trend. Lets not forget, I don't buy sneakers for myself- I get my parents to do that.



4) The J-Lo Version and its brother.

Waisey, these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and the original, Isabel Marant ones are almost the same price. Tbh- I don't know which one I would pick , if I could afford. Like I know I've gone on and on about the originals, but these are quite know. They are just as cool. Not as comfy and low-key looking for sure, but pretty awesome nonetheless.I love, love,love the silver python skin ones. I've always had a thing for metallic python/snake skins. So these are heaven sent in that way. Such a good twist on a sneaker. So urban haina? Imagine you'd feel sooo Jenny from the Block na?
 Even the less blingier one I like. I love Giuseppe. I'd totally be bff with him.

5) The Worth-It's.
Again, Giuseppe Zanotti's, on sale, in my size. Beautiful shoe and as I just mentioned, metallic snake skin. This shoe would do me good. I need a gold shoe tbh, don't have one na, so its real sexy. I mean why not? but then I think its not offering me anything new you know? its possibly the best buy, but how is it something I have to have? Not saying its not gorgeous, but it doesn't bring anything new to the table, that hasn't been seen in more or less similar versions a hundred times.. But I still really do want them. Should I?

No explanations required.I had them, and then I lost them. And I've never liked any sunglasses as such as I liked these.They were so mine, it feels weird to not have them.  Such a short union,we weren't done yet. I should na?

I could always save the money since it is hard-earned.But, the initial search started only to replace the glasses. So, whats it going to be??

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