Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Precious Cup of Tea-II

You know, I was just telling a friend yesterday how much I love Chai.
How everyday at work, chai is the hugest part of my day, and most eagerly awaited as well. I have two cups, one at 9.30am , and one at 11.00am. I call those times bliss times. Dil khush ho jata hai.The process of making the tea, well not really making but you know adding my splenda and squeezing the teabag around the spoon is as meditative and mentally beneficial as any yoga pose in my experience. Each sip proves to be more therapeutic than the last. Everyday, its something that I don't want for to come to an end.Every time it does, I think, now what? Why go on living?
It's strange.
The tea-bearer, Baber is the most awaited entry in the studio. Every time the door opens, I glance towards it with uncharacteristic hope that he might come bearing a gorgeous cup of tea even if it isn't bliss time. Most usually he doesn't .I have to remind him almost everyday about my second cup. But its okay. The labor of love.I don't mind asking.
Since this year is coming to an end, its an ideal time for me to look back and see what were the most significant moments of 2011. If I am being completely biased,and based on what I'm feeling right now while having my second cup-I can very easily say 2011 was the year of the chai. It was when I fell in love with it, and learned life is so much better with it.It keeps me grounded, keeps me wanting more, keeps me constantly on my toes.

Chai love.

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