Monday, 12 December 2011

Did You See The Eclipse?

Did you??
It was the coolest sight.Really.
I didn't know it was eclipse day, but thanks to bbm , I got broadcast messages from a few friends informing me of the event. Okay, I'll be honest. First I thought- Miss, because one of the people who sent me the broadcast messages was annoying me a little bit, so I certainly did not want to be partaking in any activity they were participating in you know? I know, petty but I can be like that depending on my mood.But obviously, I am not that person.I told myself stop being an ass, and consequently I stopped.
I went out to my balcony and saw it , and wow- what a spectacle. The night was clear, the moon uncharacteristically in full view, slowly but surely getting covered by the shadow. The side that hadn't yet been covered was sparkling ,shining. It was kind of like all of nature was aware of the spectacular-ity  of the occurring and played along with it, put on a show for its audience.  I swear to God, I have never seen the moon shine like that, so glorious , so playful, so magnetic. I quickly ran down and told my mum to come out and see it. The view from my balcony was obviously much better because there weren't a hundred trees obstructing it, yet we stood there mesmerized , soaking it all in ,not wanting to miss a single second of it.
And I stood there thinking, God really does exist. There are no two ways about it.
I would like to say that I went through a spiritual epiphany and bus, I'm a changed person, turned over a new leaf blah,blah- not true obviously. But its at times like these when it hits me how inconsequential all my occupancies are, and that little piece of  knowledge is so liberating.I guess its part of everyone's nature to think that our little world is of primordial importance,and to at times feel weighed down by what seems like the ginormous responsibility of it all, and then you see the dance of the moon, the sun and the earth and your like 'wow, there's something much bigger, and far greater than everything I think is important'- and you think that that might be scary, but somehow it isn't. It kind of opens up the possibility of new realities you know? different from what you may have imagined before. The balance of your world is slightly disrupted. Nothing is an ultimate in its own self. Its strangely relieving to acknowledge the possibility  that you might not know anything about the world you live in.
 I stared in amazement for a while- but changed spots, my mother went inside the house and I went to my balcony, the view was infinitely better. When the moon was entirely covered- it seemed like a ball suspended in mid air, and I kept waiting for it to fall, knowing it wouldn't. Usually, the moon- seems very flat, very 2D haina? but on that night you could see the 3Dness of it-hence the ball suspended in mid air.
Pretty Cool.

Then my sister came and interrupted my admiring session, she had some real life issues that needed to be discussed, and so- back to reality.

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