Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What Would Don Draper Do?

I miss Don!
Its been soooo long, I don't remember the last time . I'm glad the larger part of the wait is over since the new season beings in March, so its still sooner than later but you know its still been a while.I was wondering the other day, how did the writers come up with such a perfectly flawed character, that has become an idol for millions across the world you know? and what does it say about the age and times we live in , if a popular culture icon is a troubled man from the 1960s?

Anyway, there is this blog called What Would Don Draper do  , where the author answers queries in the presumed voice of Don Draper himself. Pretty interesting because he picks up his life examples, so its kinda like if Don Draper would give you advice what it would be. Fun right? I'm currently trying to formulate a question for the guy, but I only have girl questions you know? Maybe there s a what would Betty do too. Although, i'm not sure if she's the best person to take advice from. Oh come to think of it I remember I came across a similar What Would Joan Do, although it hasn't been updated in a while, so that's a buzz kill .

Anyway, here's a funny entry on What Would Don Draper do

91. Dear Don Draper, Do you have any views on men using Facebook?

Yes, the same ones I have of men wearing brassieres.

Fun na?

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