Saturday, 31 December 2011

Katy and Russell: This Is Just Sad

I don't know about you, but I was terribly disappointed to hear about Katy Perry and Russell Brand's split last night.I had just returned from a wedding.Like genuinely shocked.
Yes, I was getting feelers about it because they spent Christmas apart, and as we know if your not together on Christmas, somethings up...its just one of those things. Its like opting to spend Eid apart from your other half. Or something like that.Better! Its like opting to spend New Year's Eve apart. Anyway, yes, original point being that that was definitely not a good sign, but still I didn't think that doomsday was so near.
Its not like I'm even a fan of either, so I had special interests or anything in their relationship like I do with Leo. But somehow, I remember when they first started getting it going on, I felt that they fit.Really. Like something about them. The physicality, the quirkiness, everything- they just seemed to complement each other. Like they were on the same level, that they got each other.As I said before, they fit.They had a crazy wedding in India, and really seemed into each other.Didn't even have a Pre-nup, cos they didn't think it would ever end. So then what? Russell Brand files for divorce, just after a year of marriage. I swear, you just cant trust this world anymore.
Duniya ka koi bharosa hee naye raha.
This is not a good note to start the new year. Don't know why a stranger's marriage is getting the best of me, but I really feel that they could make it work.They had that thing, that zing, that chemistry.Apparently they had  a huge fight right before Christmas and told each other to duck off and went their own ways. That's okay, fights happen. But you have to try and figure it out na. Apparently Russell Brand's mom tweeted or something just days before saying oh, so excited about spending Christmas together, just spoke to Katy and Russell, they are so happy- or something along those lines.So obviously we know that this is something that they are doing without giving much thought to it. Why? why're they throwing it away, give it a little bit of time. Nothing gets solved overnight. But then again, maybe they want to get a fresh start , with the new year, especially cos it might be the end of the world next year na. So they're probably thinking oh, no regrets, lets live it up, we might not get tomorrow type, don't want to spend next year fighting.
I don't know, I'm just rambling- but this is heartbreaking.
I know, I shouldn't be here writing about it, because becharay they must be going something so awful. And they must hate it. Especially cos I was reading that there were like proper bets going on for their divorce between 2012. How sick na? Imagine you are living in a world where people bet on the fact, and by people I mean strangers, on when you will get a divorce, or when you'll fall out of love. That's just sick. sick , sick ,sick. On top of that you have people like me writing about how they should've tried to make it work, when I know nothing about them, their relationship, or what it was like. Must be hard.I'm terribly ashamed of myself, if its any consolation.I hope it works out for the best for both of them.

Russell more, I feel Katy might have been the instigator.

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