Saturday, 17 December 2011

Eat Your Heart Out!

If you woke up today with the aim that you will start controlling what you eat  a little bit, or perhaps stop eating all the crap that you do, or that your going to go on a strict detox etc etc....I want you to get up, and get the worst crime to your body and eat it. Whatever it is.
Like today I woke up wanting to have this chocolate biscuit with my chai, so I thought I'd take it to work,  but then thought, spare yourself  and so didn't get it.Should've, because today is a day of celebration.
As far as I can remember, I've been hearing, seeing, told that the skinnier you are the better you look;clothes look better on skinnies. And to a large extent that's true, I mean I've seen it for my own self, so why lie and act like its propaganda. However, there is a faction that believes women look better with some meat on their bones,(and mind you, this faction has staunch supporters as well) but these are mostly guys, and we all know girls dress up for other girls. So we are back to square one.  My personal stance is that while  women look better with meat, clothes look better with bones. Its just a matter of choice which type of girl you'd rather be (and whether you like food)
I'm not saying clothes look fugly on non-skinnies, of course they don't, in fact some pieces look great with curves (bustiers, hello!, pencil-skirts, hello!), but if you do a general statistical analysis, if your skinny, chances are almost anything will look good on you. Whereas if your non skinny, some clothes might look offensive, and you might look ready to pop.
Today, however, is the day of days. I have found the first real evidence, that might prove the claim that even clothes (gasp) might look better on non-skinnies. I feel like a scientist.Yes, yes!  and its not one of those, matter of opinion thingies, this is as in your face it will get. Its obvious where the dress looks better. Okay, lemme show.

 Exhibit A:

You remember this Cushnie et Ochs collection I put up a lil while back? Well one of the dresses from the collection (my favorite dress actually), is featured in the SS 2012 ad campaign as well, and a bones and skin model is featured in the campaign whereas on the runway the model was more curvaceous and filled out. Non-skinny wins obviously, the dress looks so blah on the skinny, kinda like its going to fall off due to lack of support.With the curvy, you can't take your eyes off her, and you'd turn around to watch her go, haina?
Yay! Victory!
So after seeing the campaign, I went down to the coffee shop and got a brownie. I know. Horrifyingly maniacal behavior, and convinced one of my colleagues who had been controlling her diet for the past week to duck it. I showed her the evidence,Exhibit A, proving that skinny women do not look better, and hence she don't need to diet no more. Colleague is now eternally in my debt as I  renewed her self esteem,  which was evident through the multiple thank yous I got for ' giving her confidence back', and best of all, she ate half of my brownie, much to my relief (because I'm not eating the entire thing, that would be blasphemy).

So, if you agree, eat something fun today, and get back to doubting yourself tomorrow.

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