Saturday, 3 December 2011

Simply Sabysachi


I'm getting to this really late, since its been a few months since Sabyasachi's collection was unveiled, but I just got around to seeing all of it and am breath taken.Sabyasachi, if you don't already know is a class, world, and philosophy apart from everyone else. He is carving his own path, and we all are watching with amazement, with breath that is bated to see how he'll knock our socks off next. Sabyasachi is a young legend, with an army of Indian socialites, Bollywood actresses and fashionistas ready to lay down their lives for him, if he just says so. His style aesthetic steers clear of the crystals and cleavage road, and instead finds abode in old tradition, earthiness, and simplicity.

I apologize in advance for the lengthiness of this post, and the excessive flooding of pictures, but I just didn't want to leave anything out- each one deserved to be here.

I really like this designer. I know, a lot of people think that Sabyasachi is over rated, and over done and you find a hundred aunties at every shaadi who are donning their Sabyasachis like proud family heirlooms, and literally it’s the battle of the most expensive Sabya sari.
Yes, sure, whatevs.
I think the designer is talented beyond comprehension. The designer’s strong vision is displayed with unparalleled conviction and aplomb from the start till the very end.

In Sabyasachi's fall 2011 Winter/festive collection(back in August-oops), there is so much charisma and simple austerity. Drama-less drama. Yes, there is definitely that element of theatricality through intelligent and creative grouping of models- but the look is so dignified and regal. Slightly old money-ish but without the holier-than-thou-ness. There is this attitude of 'highness' , but in very simple terms, and with no negative connotations. Charming arrogance, with not even the faintest hint of contemptuousness. Most usually, we see flash and bling and attention grabbing details and you know very ,"wow factor"-y stuff. Sabyasachi is restraint personified. It woos you through its other-worldly elegance and induces a heady nostalgia of a simpler era, when substance was God and actions spoke louder than words.
I love, love the fact that he doesn’t try to be sexy. H just doesn’t go down that route at all. And that’s very impressive given how much the sexy tag sells.  A lot of the times it feels like that the ramp is just a platform for unabashed skin show, but Sabyasachi’s ramp was the most covered ramp I’ve seen in the longest time. No bra inspired, barely there blouses and sheer net saris (which, I must admit, I quite enjoy). No minis, No legs, No cleavage. None of that gimmicky stuff. His models looked like people we had met before but not in this life time. There were students, school teachers, royalty; children and they all looked like inhabitants of a little fairy tale town that existed generations ago.  The men in their embellished sherwanis, the head gears and the dhoti types were charming to say the least. The matching outfit families, an interesting take on the 21st century nuclear family. There’s so much more to say, but I don’t know how to explain.



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