Friday, 2 December 2011

Please cover up JS!

 Jessica Simpson, as you may or may not now is pregnant.
Which I think is great for her. From what I understand from what the magazines have been telling me, she had wanted this for a while, but she had a string of bad luck with old boyfriends, until the recent one- some sportsman - dunno what exactly. I think the name is Eric. Anyway, so this guy seems sweet and she seems real happy with him, and btw- just to let you know Jessica Simpson's last year was Mashallah amazing. Her fashion brand , is very, very popular- she made a  billion dollars last year just cause of that. Just imagine!! You thought she was a washed up singer/wannabe actress right? Well no, she's doing very, very well for herself- which I think is great. Its not like I'm a fan of hers or anything, or I like her clothes but I just feel like I need to support her cause she's gotten sooooooooooo much flak for the media. Bechari, like she's been a bit curvier in the past few years than she was before-agreed, but the magazines and all made it a life and death issue. She once wore these high waisted jeans for some appearance or the other and they literally made her life  a nightmare. She got soooooo much criticism for  pair of jeans she wore and was called so many names-At that time I really felt for her! I mean God forbid if she's at a point where she likes food, she doesn't care to be skinny and wears high waisted jeans.Seriously, i just google Jessica Simpson Mom jeans and see how ,mean people can be., and how big of a controversy your jeans can become.Well not controversy, but a serious , OBL is dead type discussion. It was disgusting. Imagine millions and millions discussing how you've become fat and the SOB magazines coming up with cheeky headlines for the news. Aisay tho naye kartey.So bad.

So every time she goes out and dresses however she wants not caring that she's not a size 0, or a 2 , so she'll look different from all the other girls who appear alongside her in the tabloids-I think its awesome. I salute her confidence.Because tbh, that is what most girls are like all over the US. I don't remember the girls in L.A very well, but in my general experience of the US, people are notably chunkier than other countries. And I don't blame them! Have you seen their supermarkets? Awe-some. And soooo cheap, I remember in Philly, the ice tea was less the a dollar and sooo good! Okay going off topic-more on American supermarkets later. Haan so coming back to JS,  you know her not being skinny has worked out so well for her, because, I guess she has an understanding of the body types of the majority females in the US, so her clothing line caters to that.Or at least she can pretend that that's what she does. Also, she seems so much more approachable in that manner, and so its great branding. There are so many other celebrity fashion lines,and none of those skinny girls are doing even quarter as well as she is- although their designs at time are really nice,but they haven't become fashion moguls ala Simpson.

Acha, so after having read this- you know that I'm not a JS hater. Also, I don't believe that pregnant women should only wear long loose clothes and cover up their pregnancy. I actually think that form-fitting can look really cute on a pregnant belly. But when your pregnant , I imagine the way you dress revolves around the belly. You can't pretend that its not there and dress like ________ (I don't know, don't have a word). JS, however,  seems to be doing that, and its okay- but like come on! she doesn't even dress like " Oh, I don't know I'm pregnant, just too much beer"...she dresses like " I'm not pregnant and I'm going clubbing at 1 in the afternoon". Like , what do I even say?. Why does everything have to be so spandexy, and low cut? God forbid if her belly/cleavage doesn't  enter the room before she does. Chaos. Utter chaos.
It just ends up being a visual overdose of flesh. And again! Clubbing clothes!! why? She's a big girl now, she has a billion dollar fashion brand under her- I'm sure she can find clothes that make her body less in your-face type? I know she's very proud of her belly and loves being preggo and what all not. That's great !!! If it were me I might be a little sacred of nazar, but that's me. She shouldn't be sacred of that. But just be a little more subtle about it. I understand your bursting with joy, but to be the exact visual representation of that is not always that great.

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