Thursday, 22 December 2011

RZ: Master Stylist, Average Designer-II

RZ in Valentino
So I've talked about Rachel Zoe's fashion line before, so you know I think that although her styling is impeccable and beautifully distinguishable in certain ways, her designs are just okay. In fact, her clothes, individually lack ownership. We can't see it and be like Oh, that's a RZ , the way we can with  a Prabal Gurung, or even a Victoria Beckham .
However, having said this I think her Pre-Fall 2012 is spectacular. Maybe its because Pre-fall collections are waisey bhi the more commercially viable, nd safer collections, so her collection seems more relevant with the major league designers, and some of the looks are just plain gorgeous.Very now. Again, I think it would be such a  great move if she converts her fashion line into a high street label like Zara, or Mango- because the pieces are just so wearable. I know I'd love to get my hands on a few of the pieces, and I know that they'd be millions like me. They're some  things I love, and I know many would detest- but her collections have a mass appeal, they're just so likeable.
Okay, see first, then I'll tell you what my favorite pieces are. BTW, I'm dying to wear those long skirts with thigh high slits. Ever since I was a kid, I've been enamored by fabulous gowns with thigh high slits, but never have gotten the chance to wear them, and just my luck- when I could've found the opportunities, the damn things just weren't in fashion.

Okay so, this is really hard because I thought I'd do a top 5 pieces list, but I like so much stuff. FYI- I'm starved to shop, so of course this is going to be hard. But anyway, lets at least embark on the journey to 5 pieces/looks I must must have.

 1)    The thigh-high slit skirt. I like the entire look, with the blazer etc, but I doubt I'd wear it like that.Dress it down a little bit maybe, make it more approachable. Oh! I know what, a plain white, crew neck, full sleeve tee. Cardinal AC rule, when in doubt, always finish it off with a white tee.

2) Love the entire look. The gloves, the boots everything. I'd probably still not wear it like this, because I'd kinda feel over-styled. But what a nice romantic look na? Looks like it belongs in the desert.Would make a great photograph. Maybe a bike as well?

3) The Jacket. I want it sooo bad. I love the fur over load on the cuffs, its so nice.And it would be such a good everyday. This look is pretty simple, would probably wear just like this- and plain black aviators. The whole thing is practically begging for them.

4)The men's jacket dress. I love pieces that are inspired in some way or the other by menswear, and if they are inspired by Le Smoking- then its a sure fire thing, almost. I like this dress, its a cute sexy number- and I love dinner jacket numbers. I'd totally wear the gloves with this one.

5)The Suit.The tailoring and details look impeccable on her suits.They just fit so well. I love that RZ likes flared  pants, I think they make the whole look so much more polished. Not that the slim pants don't look nice, they really do I love that suit just as much that's why both of them are featured here.I love the burgundy one, its a bit over the top, and I'm sure I'd feel a bit garish in it, but still I think it looks  fabulous. Maybe,one day, when I need to make a really good impression. I love the blue suit as well, it was a tough call between the two, since navy is my weakness, and that look is so sexy. I'd definitely wear that one more, all the while secretly wishing I could wear the burgundy just as easily.

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