Thursday, 8 December 2011

Is it weird that I may have a slight thing for Gordon Ramsay?

 Is it weird?
Yesterday, while watching Master Chef America, I realized that every time Gordon Ramsay spoke, I listened to him and felt a little fluttering. So weird right? Totally didn't imagine that coming my way, But there is something about him. Yes , I know he looks like he's gotten some tweaking and plastic done to his face which is slightly squirmy but its not that I think he's cute- he just seems ---------- ( I can't think of a word). Like okay, you know when I started seeing the promos appearing for MasterChef America, during the finale week of MasterChef Australia? I was like 'Oh, Thankgod! As soon as Australia ends , America will start so we'll still get our MasterChef supply...and it has Gordon Ramsay; he's supposed to be horrendous, so at least it will be entertaining'
.But then, he was'nt so horrendous, kinda nice actually. Best of all the other judges. And bus, now that why I'm writing this post over here.
I realized precisely yesterday that I may have developed an inconsequential crush on the guy because he was bechara getting so worked up that the contestants were so talentless, dramaybaaz and didn't take the challenges seriously.And you know I though he was the sort who loses his temper for no reason all the time because I remember seeing promos for Hell's Kitchen a long time back and at that time he seemed positively ghastly. But I think he may have gone through anger management because he seems to have worked his issues out and genuinely wants the contestants to grow,wants to push them to do better and seems to be a softie at heart. Like when he meets the Scottish contestant at the very start of the series he is so unabashedly happy, like a little boy whose just gotten his treat, that it made me happy. And yesterday when he was screaming at the contestants to pull their socks up and seriously up their game, you could just tell how much this affected him- Like I was hoping that someone could go up the podium and give him a hug and tell him it'll be alright.
He may get angry, and he may swear more than you'd prefer  but at least he's not like that other bald judge, Joe, who has an attitude problem for no reason. I mean I wanna go up to him and be like why are you doing this because you seem to hate every single second of it. Such a sourpuss.Its like hey, your getting paid to do this okay, no one forced you. Annoying. Never has a smile on his face.
You know I'm going to google him and find out what his problem in life is.

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