Thursday, 8 December 2011

Who Are These Creative Minds? Where Can I Find Them?

You're  in for a treat!
I've come across great TV spots, for products as varied as chalk and cheese.They're thoroughly enjoyable, and so commendable. You must watch both of them.
The first is for The Times of India newspaper - Chennai Edition, made by Tarpoot India. I think I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a big fan of Tarpoot's work because its so fun and intelligent. I've spoken about the Vogue India print campaign, with the brilliant copy , and I'm sure you guys saw the 'Har ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' commercial for Airtel the started airing around August.Yes? I mean that one was just genius and awe-inspiringly happy.
See again, these people are awesome at what they do. I'd love to work there- although would be quite intimidating.
Anyway,  check this ad out- they've depicted the message on such a grand scale, I love it.The execution is just so unique, and so Indian- like the way we gotten to know them through their ads.

Okay the second one is from the agency Fred & Farid in Paris for Martini and its a brilliant spot. The theme is, " Luck is an Attitude', and after watching it ; I'm a believer. Really, now I'm going to act like that guy, he's so much happier than the other one who waits for things to come to him..The feel of the TVC and point of communication is just so brilliantly conveyed. The song Oh johnny by the Andre sisters is a  perfect fit. Its literally a treat, I had so much fun watching it.Very playful, and cheeky- the mood fits the product like a glove.
The direction is so good, and  you know the agency held a contest to pick out the winner (who starts in the ad), which created such great hype for the brand.The contestants had to explain why they believe luck is an attitude or something like that. Quite interactive and engaging. Great way to create conversation about the brand.Can't get the song out of my head.


Don't you love them? Which one do you prefer?

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