Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tis The Season To Miss Pharmaprix.

 I think we just passed American thanksgiving this week, Canadian thanksgiving took place a while go- so finally is the time when in North America where ever you go, shops, deps, department stores, super markets- they're all playing Christmas carols. Now resist the urge to be disgusted by me (Christmas carols). But when I was living in Montreal, it truly was a great time of the year. I mean it’s the time when it’s starting to get really, really cold- so that sucks, but there are decorations all over, lights everywhere, sales and markups virtually all the same , gingerbread and Christmas themed confectionery and candy. It really is lovely.
I probably have mentioned Pharmaprix here before. It was without a doubt, one of my favorite places in the world. Going in there just made me happy. They had all possible junk food in there, and they accepted my amex (which wasn't accepted in very any places in Canada) so I never had to pay for anything. Seeing the first few Christmas themed candy packaging was most certainly a cause for celebration. I'd always wait for the caramel kisses, and hugs. They'd be available most of the time around the year too, but the Christmas packaging made it more special. Guylian, Ferrerro, Laura Secord ,Toffifee , and all sorts of randomo things with "Let It Snow" playing in the background-, it was magical. I imagine that at least a hundred of those times it was actually snowing, while my favorite carol played and I was taking refuge from it at pharmaprix. I would be roaming around the shampoo and makeup area,eating a Kinder Bueno, waiting for the blizzard to pass, minding and not minding every single second of it.
Beautifully disgusting days.
But even after Christmas passed, actually right the day after- there would be cause for celebration. All the Christmas candy and confectionery would be marked down heavily- since Christmas had already passed. It was spectacular to see the big bins of discounted holiday themed paraphernalia. I'd waste so much money on it, but I looked forward to it every year. Then there was Valentine themed candy, then Easter themed candy, so my supply of marked down candy was covered for a good six months of the year. Coincidentally it’s those six months that are the coldest. But Pharmaprix through his little efforts of themed candy, and then marked down candy tried to do its part in making those six months bearable for me. He would try and to distract me from the pinching, biting, stabbing cold with sugar and more sugar. So nice of Pharmaprix right? Easter would mark the end on the candy season, and the beginning of spring and that was that.
I never realized it before, but the coincidence is too good to be true. It must have been planned years and years ago.
I think everyone should listen to Let It Snow below, what a good one.

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