Monday, 12 December 2011

Posen pulls out the big guns,leaves me spellbound

Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012.
Now we all know Posen is a gifted dress maker. Yes, he is...he knows what he is doing-but honestly he knocked my socks off with the Pre-fall.  I'm seriously questioning whether  I even saw  his SS2012 or his couture collections, because if he did this for the Pre-fall collection which is supposed to be the less drama, more wearable, for us commoners type collection then what must he do in the big collections? And the couture collections? I would remember na?

So, anyway, I don't know much about Zac Posen except that he's pretty big, been in the business for about a decade or so (I'm guessing) and he makes breath taking gowns. When I was viewing the Pre-Fall I didn't know what to expect, since Pre-Fall usually doesn't gowns. It started off with evening separates, and tbh the look was refined and elegant, and I dunno a bit old/aged. I swear it reminded me of the Vogue age issue, and how most of these looks would be featured  for women in their late forties,fifties and sixties. Seriously. I'm not saying that I wouldn't wear them , I would and I think they'd look great- and they would be very figure flattering,its evident. But they definitely cater to an older market.

But then the gowns came.And each gown was like a punch in the stomach. Gorgeous beyond belief I know I've used that term way too many times and I'm like the boy who cried wolf, but how I'd love to be in them. How you'd feel in them. Delicious. So, so nice. I did not expect this at all.
This was like the most beautiful ambush ever, you can see the labor of love that has gone in each one of them.

 Just look at the Red one. Its grandeur, the theatricality, the drama is awe-inspiring, breathtaking, over whelming.  Very Valentino na?

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